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Concepts Safety Services Pvt Ltd Offering Corporate Oil and Gas Safety Training Courses

With its base of operations in New Delhi, India, Concepts Safety Services Pvt Ltd has gained immense reputation for providing a range of fire and safety courses to interested companies.

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New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2014 -- Owned and operated wholly by its employees, Concepts Safety Services Pvt Ltd has now become a leading light when it comes to providing Safety, Environment and Risk management training and consulting services to businesses and their employees. For quite some years now, the company has been doing a sterling job in coming up to myriad expectations and requirements of clients belonging to hazard industry sector. Concepts Safety Services Pvt Ltd projects itself as an independent company that excels in designing and conducting specialized courses for existing and prospective employees working in hazard industries. The company offers corporate oil and gas safety training to interested individuals at best rates.

Speaking about this particular training course, a senior official at Concepts Safety Services Pvt Ltd told us in an interview, “Hazards industries cannot afford to employ people who do not have necessary expertise, qualification and aptitude required for such jobs. Accordingly, it becomes imperative for such companies to hire only those people who promise to abide by the strictest company norms and safety standards. With intent to train such individuals, we have introduced safety training that helps them get the hang of responsibilities at particular organization and improvise on their attitude as well. Our corporate safety solution training staff includes Emergency Medical Technicians, Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs) and other specialists who have years of experience in training the individuals.”

Specialists at Concepts Safety Services Pvt Ltd employ all possible means and modes of instruction to ensure that confined space entry attendants, safety watch personnel, and hole watch and bottle watch technicians could serve companies belonging to hazard industry sector for both short and long-term projects. Since not all people employed in hazard industries, such as gas and oil extraction or other supporting industries, have enough safety training, they are prone to accidents that may sometime claim their lives as well. In such scenarios, effective safety courses come up as huge advantage for both employers and employees as well.

Explaining other service areas, the senior company official further commented, “Aside from offering these quality safety courses, the premier fire and safety courses provider also offers web-based asset management, safety audits, loss prevention programs, safety equipment inspections, fire equipment surveys, site-service-solutions (S3) program, contingency planning services and regulatory compliance programs. Those interested in utilizing Concepts Safety Services Pvt Ltd’s expertise in business impact analysis, business continuity planning, health and safety management systems, drill cutting management and health & safety documentation may contact folks at the company for more details.”

The company has its offices in India, Middle East, Port Harcourt and Lagos, where it runs quality fire and safety courses, such as oil and gas training courses, to meet myriad requirements for safety education courses of its clients.

About Concepts Safety Services Pvt Ltd
With its base of operations in New Delhi, India, Concepts Safety Services Pvt Ltd has gained immense reputation for providing a range of fire and safety courses to interested companies. The company also offers other innovative and useful training courses, such as biological treatment for making bioremediation, to interested companies and individuals.