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Concerned About Skin Damage Due to Sun Exposure? Take the Sunscreen Pill: Sunsafe Rx

This press release is to announce to readers that if you are concerned about excessive sun exposure and skin damage you can now take a sunscreen pill – Sunsafe Rx – to protect your skin from the sun.


Santa Monica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/23/2017 -- Excessive sun exposure isn't just bad for skin health; it also robs people of their youthfulness. Studies have proven that people who live in areas where sunshine is prevalent look older than those who live in less sunny locales. While exposure to the sun is necessary for mood enhancement and vitamin D absorption, too much of a "good thing" can be highly detrimental not just for health reasons (increasing skin cancer risk) but also by aging the skin and making people look older.

Wellness Magazine recently published an article about a sunscreen pill called Sunsafe Rx, developed by Napa Valley Bioscience. This sunscreen in a pill is a nutritional supplement that combines many ingredients from nature that are known to help protect the skin from sun damage. These natural, healthy ingredients include carotenoids (normally found in vegetables and fruits), omega 3 fatty acids (normally found in oily fish), and polyphenols (normally found in green tea). This pill is designed to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. It also contains antioxidants that help protect the retina of the eye from ultraviolet light.

A representative of Sunsafe Rx discussed how to use the Sunsafe Rx pill, "To benefit from Sunsafe Rx, just take one capsule 30-60 minutes before you go in the sun. It's like a sunscreen pill that is simple to take and is always working. Plus, it protects your whole body, doesn't rub off, isn't messy, and won't interfere with your normal production of Vitamin D. All the sun exposure you get adds up. But by using Sunsafe Rx every day, you have some built-up protection every time you go in the sun. Sunsafe Rx is always working, and every amount of extra protection you can get benefits you in the long run. You can also use Sunsafe Rx without sun exposure as a daily supplement for healthy skin and eyes because the antioxidants in Sunsafe Rx fight free radical damage from all sources—not just the sun— throughout your whole body."

Use Sunsafe Rx for Year Round Protection

Many people mistakenly believe that they need skin protection from the sun only in the late Spring and Summer. This isn't true. There is always the possibility of skin damage due to sun exposure in the winter. Also, people who don't normally get a lot of sunlight may be at increased risk of sun damage when they are suddenly exposed to a lot of sun—such as on vacation. Being near water, sand, and snow also increases the risk of skin damage because a high percentage of sunlight reflects off these surfaces, thereby increasing an individual's sun exposure Sunsafe Rx can be an important tool to not just preventing sun damage and skin aging year-round, but also at important times of dramatically increased sun exposure during sunny vacations.

About Sunsafe Rx
Sunsafe Rx is a sun defense pill: a natural, anti-aging nutritional supplement made with antioxidants clinically shown to protect your skin from sun damage. Sunsafe Rx is taken orally and provides protection from UV rays from the sun. Made with specific antioxidants that naturally occur in certain foods and plants, Sunsafe Rx is a healthy nutraceutical designed to prevent skin aging and wrinkles while at the same time supporting the overall health of your skin and eyes. The effectiveness of Sunsafe Rx is due to a precise, proprietary formulation called Antioxidine. Antioxidine contains a powerful mix of antioxidants that decades of research and numerous clinical studies have proven demonstrate a photo-protective effect for the skin but do not inhibit the body's natural production of Vitamin D. Furthermore, the ingredients in Sunsafe Rx have been clinically shown to preserve collagen and elastin, inhibit the formation of wrinkles and sun spots, and reduce sunlight-induced inflammation and immunosuppression.

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