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A Michigan Woman Falls Just Short of Her Dream of Owning a Concert Grand Harp


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/12/2013 -- An amateur, yet budding harpist named Sherry Konkus from Owosso, MI is looking to expand from a harpsicle harp to a concert grand harp similar to the one used in the Marx Brothers’ movies.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of owning and playing a wonderful concert grand pedal harp. In 2003, I finally got a chance to rent one of [these] beautiful instruments from a music store in Michigan; [I] played it, and fell in love with it. But then I had to send it back because I couldn't afford to rent it any longer. Later I got to rent another concert harp from a music [store] in Florida, played it, and grew to love it as well. But like the first one, I had to send the second harp back to Florida because I couldn't afford to keep it any longer.”

Continuing on stating that owning a harp like this is her dream, and providing specific models, it’s clear that Konkus is not only in love with these harps, but seems to be more than an amateur.

Sherry’s goal is set at $10,000 which is actually on the low end of the concert grand harp’s price range.

“…the reason why I'm having a real hard time trying to fulfill my dream is because I live on a very limited income made up of only working 20 hours a week at a Mental Health, and $1100 a month through Social Security, which is just enough to pay for groceries, rent, and bills. Financial support from friends and family is also an unlikely option to take due to them having either bad credit, low income, or both. And finally, although I have good credit, my credit is severely limited to where every time I try to sign up for a loan I always have to have a co-signer to be approved for a loan, which is what I don't in fact have”.

Sherry is offering some enticing perks, mainly being admission into concerts she’s performing at.

To read more about Sherry Konkus’ dream to own a concert grand pedal harp, you can visit her IndieGoGo here:

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