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Concrete Bonding Agents Market Future Demand Foreseen by 2025

North America concrete bonding agents market, Latin America concrete bonding agents market, Eastern Europe concrete bonding agents market, Western Europe concrete bonding agents market, APEJ concrete bonding agents market, Japan concrete bonding agents market and the Middle East & Africa concrete bonding agents market.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2018 -- In the construction industry, damage in any concrete surface or floor leads to two options either to demolish or to resurface. These two options are costly and time-consuming. Pouring fresh concrete on damaged surface will make new concrete to settle on top of an old surface as a separate layer. Firstly, spreading bonding agent on damage area than pouring fresh concrete will ensure that the new concrete will successfully adhere.

The bonding agent is the natural and synthetically prepared material used to strengthen joining quality of any two material without any mechanical force. Its primary use is bonding fresh concrete to old; it can also be used as underlayment, terrazzo, crack fillers, grouting-mortar or stucco. The concrete bonding agent is a milky white color paste which changes into clear form depending on temperature, wind, and humidity. Two critical factors affect the bonding quality between old and new concrete (i) strength and reliability of old surface (ii) neatness of old surface.

It is mandatory that damage surface should be free from dust or spillage like oil, grease to have strong concrete bonding. Latex emulsion and epoxies are the two primary type of bonding agents used in construction industry. As compared to latex based, epoxy based concrete bonding agent provides superior strength and durable bonding to concrete, but as latex based is low cost hence it leads the global concrete bonding agents market followed by epoxy based bonding agent. The concrete bonding agent is thoroughly applied using brush, broom, roller or spray. Concrete bonding Agent is used on Wall, ceiling, columns and other surfaces of buildings.

Although concrete bonding agent has a variety of application but an increase in the decorative interior for giving aesthetic and pleasing finishing for residential construction is majorly driving the global market of concrete bonding agent. The rise in living standard and income of middle-class population in emerging countries raise the demand of concrete bonding agent for decorative use.

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Concrete bonding agent has a variety of application and above all ease to use which always keep the demand of the product high. Other factors which contribute to the growth of concrete bonding agent market are strong industrial base in the construction industry, increase in investments by foreign companies in the construction sector and repair in old builds. Although the overall concrete bonding agents' market is growing significantly, challenges such as poor and inadequate workmanship are hindering the growth of concrete bonding agents market.