Seo Experts Enlightens Readers on How to Remove Window Condensation with Condensation 2 Clear Repair Kits


Southampton, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2014 -- These days, condensation can be removed easily from futile double gazing – by an individual who has extremely basic do-it-yourself abilities – through the use of Condensation 2 Clear repair kits. An individual who can drill a wood hole can be able to fix a sealed unit thru the simple processes of Condensation 2 Clear.

The repair kit of Condensation 2 Clear is guaranteed to last for almost 2 decades though will last a unit’s lifetime in reality. Scientifically, this guarantee is certain since once the repair is done, the unit will not be pressurized when heated by the sun.

A sealed unit will fail following years of being pressurized by heat from the sun, the unit’s seal will one day open under pressure and the dry air that generates a thermal barrier will be force under pressure from the unit. As the unit cools down, it will breathe in damp air which will be absorbed by desiccants hidden in the spacer bar of the unit. The unit will now open when heated and force out dry air and breathe in damp air as it cools – this is known as solar pumping. Ultimately, desiccants will saturate and the unit will generate condensation.

The Condensation 2 Clear repair kit will eventually solve this problem in a lot of ways. Using their templates, just drill a couple of tiny holes on the unit’s both corners with the specialist drills of Condensation 2 Clear. Then, it is best to dry the unit out with dissolving pellets and chemicals. Once dry an individual can plug the holes with small plugs. The plug of Condensation 2 Clear contains a 0.5-millimeter hole, which pressure equalises the unit so that it no longer opens when heated. In addition, a thermal barrier is recreated since the unit currently holds dry air and will force out only a small amount of air once it is heated.

“The kit and instructions are easy to follow, that said being an eco-warrior I do tend to follow instinct and will use as little material as possible. I worked from the inside on the external pane and as instructed drilled the two holes externally at diagonals. Both holes finished up acceptable tolerances, to enable the vent plugs a good fit. Each hole took about three minutes to drill water mist spraying repeatedly to suppress and control the glass dust”.

Excellent product!

David summers

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Condensation 2 Clear repair kits is the newest product that can repair instead of replacing double-glazed units that are foggy, misty or contains condensation. For more details with regard to these repair kits, please visit

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