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Condition Unknown: Author Kathleen Dove Announces Her Disturbing New Psychological Thriller Series

This thrilling entry by Kathleen Dove is the first in an exhilarating series that showcases several women whose lives become intertwined after being victimized.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2012 -- ‘Condition Unknown: The Path to Revenge’ is the first book in a compelling new fiction series that launches today. While author Kathleen Dove has a strong reputation for placing readers directly into the minds of her characters, Condition Unknown will keep even the most discerning of suspense fans awake at night. Examining the vast corruption in the medical arena, readers will be treated to a truly disturbing literary experience.


“Abandoned and left to die from a mysterious illness, Kelly Connell was the victim of a corrupt medical system. After a difficult but miraculous recovery from an underground physician, obtaining rest and rebuilding her life isn’t the only thing occupying Kelly’s mind. She becomes obsessed with relentlessly stalking and punishing some of the worst offending physicians who refused to treat her. Her ultimate goal: destroying Dr. Jerry “Reuben” Lumbricus: the chief regulatory physician and head of a corrupt medical panel who wrote the false treatment guidelines that prevented her and many others from getting proper treatment. “Reuben” and his panel of corrupt physicians accept countless bribes from insurance and top pharmaceutical companies to insure the sick are left to linger and face a slow, torturous death.

A further hint at the synopsis proves that the world Dove created truly mirrors and exposes corruption that runs rampant in our country’s medical system.
“Fans of suspense and corruption everywhere are sure to love this daring new suspense novel. While an average woman’s story of retribution and punishment is exciting on its own, when merged with the high stakes world of the medical system, a disturbing new environment emerges that hits a little too close to home.”
As the author explains, “Condition Unknown highlights the corruption that is so prevalent in our medical system, and showcases a victim who is determined to not only put an end to it, but tries to do so by stalking and punishing the worst offending physicians and policy guideline authors.”

“For my series, I chose to highlight women who have been victimized and then brought together to deliver punishment and revenge on those who have wronged them,” says Dove, who places a huge focus on well-crafted fiction that is riddled with twists and turns.

She continues, “I want to give readers an uncanny viewpoint and a look into a world they will never otherwise visit.”

With more books in the works, Dove promises many more opportunities to witness women who become victimized and then pushed over the edge. Their focus becomes relentless retribution.

“I have a whole series of suspense thrillers currently on the writing table. The plan is to grab reader’s attention with my first installment and to continue hitting them hard well into the future.” she concludes.

With Christmas looming, the demand for Dove’s latest release is expected to be high. Therefore, all interested parties are urged to purchase while supplies last.

‘Condition Unknown Book One: The Path to Revenge’ published by Kathleen Dove, is available to purchase from Amazon, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.es, Amazon.it, Amazon.jp, Kindle, and book retailers everywhere.

For more information and to read a sample of the first book, visit the author’s official website: http://www.kathleendove.com

About Kathleen Dove
Author Kathleen Dove enjoys creating stories and characters that are not only stunning but utterly believable, and places you directly into the minds of her main characters. She gives you an uncanny viewpoint and look into a world you will never otherwise visit.

Working on a series of fictional thrillers featuring female killers, Kathleen Dove brings ordinary women to the brink, showcasing the world and the characters that help turn them into vicious killers. Her victims become the stalker and the predators become the prey.