Conditional Access Systems (Smartcard-Based CAS and Card-Less CAS) Market - Rising Penetration of Digital/pay Television: Trends and Forecast 2015-2022

Market dynamics such as drivers, restraints, and opportunities and their impact on growth of Conditional Access Systems (Smartcard-based CAS and Card-less CAS) Market.


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2017 -- Conditional access systems (CAS) refer to content security solutions used to restrict unauthorized subscribers from accessing paid digital broadcast services. Content security using CAS is achieved by encrypting/scrambling digital signals while broadcasting and then decrypting them at the user's (authorized) end. Conditional access systems, also referred to as revenue security solutions, are mounted on set-top boxes or other receiving devices at the subscribers' end. Conditional access systems are the most significant components used by service providers for protection against revenue loss. The most significant factor responsible for conditional access systems market growth is the rising penetration of digital/pay television, globally. Apart from pay televisions, CAS are also used for content protection in digital radio broadcast, internet protocol television (IPTV), and other internet-based subscription services.

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The market for conditional access systems is segmented, based on the type of solutions, into smartcard-based CAS and card-less CAS. Smartcard-based CAS are the traditional systems that include additional hardware such as chip/smartcard with embedded conditional access software. This hardware is mounted on the set-top box in order to enable content security by providing access to authorized users. Due to the prolonged existence of smartcard-based CAS, this type of CAS currently has the highest penetration in global conditional access systems market. Card-less CAS, also called as software-based conditional access system, requires no hardware and the software is embedded directly onto the set-top box. The most significant advantage of card-less CAS is their low operating and upgrading costs as compared to smartcard-based CAS. In addition, software-based CAS offer better security against hacking than smartcard-based CAS.

This report studies the current scenario as well as future market potential for conditional access systems globally. The conditional access systems market has been segmented into three major applications: television, Internet services, and digital radio broadcast. The market for these CAS has been extensively analyzed on the basis of factors such as types of solutions and geographic regions. On the basis of solution type, the market has been segmented into smartcard-based CAS and card-less CAS. The market sizes and forecasts in terms of revenue (US$ Mn) for each of these segments have been provided for the period from 2012 to 2022, considering 2014 as the base year. The report also provides the compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) for each segment of the market for forecast period between 2015 and 2022.

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Geographically, the global conditional access systems market has been segmented into five regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (MEA), and Latin America. The market size and forecast for each of the above regions has been provided for the period 2012 to 2022 along with the CAGR (%) for the forecast period 2015 to 2022. The study also includes qualitative analysis of the competitive scenario for major countries/regions in these geographic segments. The overview section of the report comprises qualitative analysis of the overall market highlighting the factors determining market dynamics such as drivers, restraints, and opportunities, along with the key trends analysis.

The report also provides a section on the competitive landscape, wherein the market positioning analysis of the leading players in conditional access systems market in 2014 has been discussed. Competitive strategies adopted by the leading players in the market has also been included under the section of competitive landscape. The report concludes with the profiles of major players in the global conditional access systems market such as Cisco Systems, Inc., Nagravision SA (Kudelski Group), China Digital TV Co., Ltd., Verimatrix, Inc., Irdeto, Inc., Austrian Broadcasting Services GmbH & Co. KG (ORS Group), Viaccess-Orca (Orange Group), Coretrust, Inc., Latens Systems Ltd., Wellav Technologies Ltd., Alticast Corporation and ARRIS Group, Inc.

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