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Conference Room Size Can Make or Break a Meeting


London, Greater London -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- "Aside from location, size is the most important factor to take into account when booking a conference venue." says Tosca Jimenez.

Conference rooms come in all shapes and sizes to match the wide variety of businesses out there. When it comes to booking a conference room, many people get too caught up in the location of a conference room and forget about the size of the room that is needed; while location is a critical consideration, if a conference room is too big or too small it can negatively affect delegates.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that businesses figure out the size of the venue they need prior to looking for the perfect location. According to Ms Jimenez "Businesses need to fully understand how big a room they are going to need prior to looking at venues, for only when they have a full list of delegates and attendees can they begin narrowing down their search. I recommend that anybody looking into conference venues look at the pros and cons of small, medium, and large rooms, and also look into boardrooms and training rooms depending on their needs."

Deciding on the perfect size for a venue is going to save businesses money and keep an audience engaged; too big a room is going to separate attendees from the speaker, and too small a room is going to make people feel claustrophobic which will result in lapses of concentration.

Small conference rooms are ideal for senior management briefings and weekly team meetings, medium conference rooms are ideal for medium-sized meetings and customer meetings, and large conference rooms are best for larger events, meetings, and sit downs.

Whatever conference room size you require, there are other things to consider, says Ms Jimenez "Conference rooms need to be well ventilated and have the necessary connections to support the technologies your company wishes to use. They also need to have catering facilities and where applicable have disabled access. It's simply all about making everybody feel comfortable."