Confiscated Toothpaste Showcases Hohenschonhausen, a Stasi Prison in East Germany


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2013 -- Berlin remains a place of interest to many. From the wars of the twentieth century to the Berlin Wall, there continues to be a great deal to attract tourists. "Visitors need to fit time into their schedule to visit places such as a stasi prison, a disturbing and fascinating relic of the past," Matt Edwards of Confiscated Toothpaste declares.

The Stasi, the former East German Communist Ministry of State Security, claimed for years that this prison didn't exist. When the wall was torn down, prison officials destroyed evidence which documented their crimes. Others only learned of the atrocities committed there when talking to former prisoners about what went on in the facility. "The Hohenschonhausen prison ensures visitors don't forget the past as, once it has been seen, it will be remembered," Mr. Edwards continues.

Visitors see underground cells known as the 'Submarine" or the "U-Boot'. Here prisoners were subjected to water torture and many other forms of punishment. Solitary cells, barely large enough to contain a bed, frighten many who see them and some cells barely have enough room for a person to stand up. Many of the guards were incarcerated here or had family members who were. "Age played no role in who was held in the prison. Young children and grandmothers alike were taken prisoner and housed in Hohenschonhausen," Mr. Edwards goes on to say.

The newer prison wing stays open for viewing also. Here visitors see padded cells and learn about the psychological torture prisoners endured at this location. Exercise yards, open to the elements, were often used to punish those who were belligerent. The prisoner was put into the exercise yard where he or she would be exposed to snow and rain for the duration of their time. "A visit to the prison sticks with the tourist for years to come," Mr. Edwards says.

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