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Talent never remains hidden always, and this is true in the case of 16 year old Deksz, the latest star rapper who is making big headlines.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2012 -- Talent never remains hidden always, and this is true in the case of 16 year old Deksz, the latest star rapper who is making big headlines. With a five star ranking for sales, his first mix tape has had more than 100,000 downloads and is increasing in popularity. He blends Rap with R&B, and this gives his music a very rare flavour to it, thereby adding to its appeal. With a huge fan following and growing with each passing day, Deksz is making big headlines on some of the most popular social media and music stations as well. There are quite a number of hits on websites for his music and social media is abuzz with discussions about this singer who is so much more than just another person carrying a tune.

The music of this young artist is not just music – it is his passion. His lyrics and tunes come from the heart, and this makes it every more natural and appealing. “My music is who I am. It defines me. It is part of me and I am part of it,” Deksz said at a conference, reiterating his passion for music and how it is a part of his very being. As for the fact that his music is reaching many people, this young artist believes that it should, and that making a difference in the lives of people is the best thing he could do. With a passion for music and an appealing frankness with which he expresses himself, Deksz has a fresh sense of purpose and infuses vitality into his listeners, making him increasingly popular and liked by people.

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About Deksz
Deksz is an up and coming 16 year old music artist whose unique blend of Rap and R&B, combined with lyrics that touch the soul, have made him extremely popular. Guaranteed to be the next big name in the music industry, his albums are selling widely as his rhythms and lyrics get one jamming.