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Connected: "King of the Penny Stock Market", Larry Formato, Exposes Life of Wealth and Corruption in Searing Autobiography

From ruling the penny stock market to being paraded in front of the media wearing a hood, and eventually being responsible for enacting the Penny Stock Reform Act Of 1990 - Larry Formato has a life story more exciting than that of any “wolf”. For the first time, Formato is breaking the silence surrounding his finance career and links with the Mafia in an intense autobiography. Recounting his immense accumulations of wealth, friendships with A-List celebrities and his dramatic fall from grace that played out on live TV – ‘Connected’ shines the light on one of America’s most influential figures.


Nashville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2014 -- To his bank account he was unstoppable, to the media he was a circus and to Congress he gave one of the most important testimonies of a generation; it’s no wonder Larry Formato has been dubbed “King of the Penny Stock Market” by critics. While he’s best known for influencing the enactment of 1990’s ‘Penny Stock Reform Act’, Formato’s new autobiography exposes what really went on under the hood…

‘Connected’ reads like a movie, but is entirely true. Inviting readers into vignettes and stories that have never been made public, money and the Mafia collide as Formato pursues a life unlike any other.


An unbelievable true-life story about one man's rise from poverty to extreme wealth. How much money do you want to make a year? Whatever your answer is, it's not enough. Lorenzo "Larry" Formato began this wild ride in the early 70's and stayed on top for almost two decades. Relive his life experiences through his own words as he takes you on a journey reminiscent of Godfather, Wall Street, and Boiler Room. Now, through his own eyes, witness what really went on with the penny stock market and the power he gained from the Mafia. Look into a world where only Formato can take you, as he talks about Frank Sinatra, Jilly Rizzo, the music industry and some of Hollywood's biggest stars, the total manipulation of the Penny Stock Market and the role the Mafia played in it.

“The book contains my complete congressional testimony, which inspired the most important stock reform legislation ever passed and completely changing the laws that govern how business is conducted in the United States,” says Formato, who was so influential that every suggestion he made to Congress was passed into law. “However, getting there wasn’t easy. A hood was put over my face, my voice was altered and – when I least expected it – someone leaked my identity to the press.”

Continuing, “Every news station in the country plastered pictures of me on the screens and on their pages. The day after my testimony I was a ‘top story’ in almost every news outlet across the country. I was never compensated or given a ‘Get out of jail free’ card for going to Congress, but I did pay my debt to society by doing so. This book explains it all.”

To date, the autobiography has garnered rave reviews.

“This book gave me the back story to a side of the brokerage industry I was never allowed to see growing up as a broker in the late 80's. The mob run, choreographed manipulations that, when run wrong ended with people face down in the gutter may be over, and replaced by lawyers and well worded documents. While the 'Wolf of Wall Street' focused on bad habits, Larry focused on the real point of being a made man, being an 'earner'. With this book you see that,” says Rico Miller.

D. Wick was equally as impressed, adding, “A must read story of how things in the mob world works. It's not always what it seems..... I read every page anticipating Larry's next move. I say make it a movie!!!!”

‘Connected’, published by White Collar Press, is available now: http://whitecollarpress.com.

About the Author: Larry Formato
Larry Formato has forty years’ experience in finance and finance management. He is considered one of the world's leading experts in the Over-The-Counter (OTC) stock market. By age thirty-three, he owned five brokerage firms and was asked by Congress to help construct the Penny Stock Reform Act of 1990. Mr. Formato is currently focused on multiple mergers and acquisitions and has written his book, Connected, detailing his life in the Penny Stock Market.