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Connected Living Room Market - An Insight Into the Smarter Choice of Living

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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/17/2015 -- According to the data collected by a leading firm in the U.S., the market for connected living rooms is predicted to experience healthy growth with single-digit CAGR rise by the end of 2019.

Connected Living Room Market Overview

With the advent of the technology and advancements from traditional home entertainment systems to controlling the living room with one single remote the need for digital delivery has become extremely important in the media world. Digital delivery is rapidly replacing physical ownership as the attitude of consumers is getting more luxurious, consequently expecting more from the technology.

As an automated entertainment system becomes a standard utility in a connected home, the living room, including the connected devices will create a very convenient and user-friendly environment.

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The connected living room device market includes net tops (streaming electronic devices such as, Apple TV or Roku), smart TVs, plasma TVs, connected Blu-ray players, DVD players, as well as a set of new products and new class of streaming sticks including digital set-top box, surround sound home theatre systems, OLED TVs, digital video recorder, audio and gaming consoles, among others have all made their entry into the market. These devices have emerged to become an integral part of the connected living room market. They have also made sharing, storage, and transfer of high-speed and optimum quality media content simpler and faster.

The development of advanced wired and wireless connectivity technologies have majorly contributed to the growth of connected living room devices in the global market.

Furthermore, growth in the connected living room market will be fueled by persistent development and integration of software technologies and network by consumer electronics manufacturers. Demand for content streaming by consumers is also adding to the growth of the connected living room market.

Connected Living Room Market Growth Drivers and Restraining Factors

There are several factors fueling growth in the connected living rooms market and these include: the growing choice for advanced display equipment, rapid growth in the demand for digitization, and emergence of new platforms and technologies for sharing entertainment and information.

The shift towards digitization – a major transformation of the living room into an advanced digital entertainment environment has been one of the strongest influencing factors of the connected living room market.

Nevertheless, various factors such as changing consumer behavior and emerging new technologies have been hindering the market from attaining ideal growth figures. High costs and lack of user-friendliness of high-end connected living room devices are some more restraining factors of the connected living room market. The market also witnesses a declining trend in the use of set-top box and Blu-ray players. It also appears that low awareness of using the capabilities of living room connected devices either lawfully by industry or illegitimately by criminal actors is proving to be a significant restraining factor into the connected living room market.

Connected Living Room Market by Segment Analysis

The connected living room market is segmented based on two broad segments: primary devices and secondary devices. Primary devices are considered to be devices that include tablets, laptops, smartphones, TVs, Blu-ray players, and set-top boxes, while secondary devices are deemed to be home theatre projectors, home audio systems, and gaming consoles.

On the other hand, the technological segmentation of the connected living room market covers various components such as, memory ICs, processors, sensors, and wireless chipsets (for connectivity and content sharing purposes).

Although, connected living room market is currently a nascent market, the uptake of devices is augmented to expand significant growth in the coming years. While many companies including Apple, Sony, Microsoft, and Google have made a name for themselves in the connected living room market, consumers still have a wide selection of connected living room devices and gadgets on the market to select their pick from.

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