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Connecticut Senior Home Care Agency Provides Much Needed Relief for Family Caregivers

Caring Solutions, a Connecticut senior home care agency, offers the "Take A Break Program" to provide relief for care-givers involved with in-home respite care for seniors.


Enfield, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2012 -- More is learned daily of the personal toll suffered by seniors affected by Alzheimer’s and Dementia. What gets far less attention is the impact of these conditions on family members who provide these seniors with care and support. Often these family members voice little, if any complaint as they unselfishly carry on the responsibilities of their own lives and, increasingly the care of their loved one. Family caregivers often face conflicting responsibilities as they are forced to choose between other personal and family responsibilities and the needs of their loved one. It can be a painful dilemma.

A Connecticut senior home care agency,, has found a way to help lift some of this burden. It is called the "Take A Break Program". The Take A Break Program provides in-home respite care for seniors so that care givers can take time to attend to other personal or family obligations.

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia can also take an emotional and physical toll on caregivers. The loss of memory and other functions in Alzheimer’s and Dementia by a parent, as well as safety concerns, are difficult for the care giver to experience. Eventually even the most energetic and loving caregiver can not manage everything on their own. If only for a few hours or days, they need a helping hand.

Consistent with their role as a leader in the senior home care profession Caring Solutions, of Enfield, Connecticut, has taken initiative to offer an individualized solution for seniors and their caregivers called the Take A Break Program. More than just short term in-home care, the Take A Break Program takes time to understand the individual needs of the senior and their care givers so as to create a solution that works best for all.

The Take A Break Program can be used by care givers to help out for a few hours, or a few days. Changes in a caregiver’s work schedule, family illness or a need to travel out of town can all be accommodated by the Take A Break Program. By taking time to talk with the family in advance and understand the needs of their loved one, Caring Solutions is able to provide the highest quality, individualized short term care, even on short notice.

To learn more about the Take A Break Program and how it may be helpful to your family contact Caring Solutions at: (877) 369-5602

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