Connie Kadansky Hosts Webinar on Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance on November 13


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2012 -- Getting into sales may be considered as one of the top earning careers but it depends on the individual's efforts. This is the point that Connie Kadansky wishes to stress in the webinar that she is facilitating. The webinar is meant to educate individuals who have decided to go into sales and boost their income but have yet to make progress in such endeavor. Apparently, according to Kadansky, there are certain factors that may prevent a salesperson from achieving success. All these should be dealt with so that there will be no more issues that can hinder him.

One of the main factors that can serve as an obstacle to achieving success is Sales Call Reluctance. Kadansky points out that if one wishes to find out whether there is any improvement being done, he or she should simply take a look at the number of contacts made with potential customers. If there are only a few contacts made and if these were done inconsistently, then it may be concluded that there are not significant improvements achieved. In sales, it is not enough to just have several contacts accomplished in a day. The general principle, which Kadansky stresses, is that the more contacts done with more potential clients, the better are the chances of sales.

Sales Call Reluctance is essentially one's hesitation to make contact with probable customers. There can be a lot of factors that trigger this. However, the most common ones are those that are caused by anxiety. A salesperson can be anxious because he has subjective thoughts about the prospects. He may think that the person that he is supposed to call is not really interested in the product. Such hesitation, if it happens too many times can result in the loss of opportunities for sales. Kadansky explains that the only time that one concludes that a potential client does not result in a sale is when a salesperson is able to communicate with him.

In the webinar that Kadansky is facilitating, the four stages of competence are discussed. These are the very stages that the salesperson must be able to process in order to achieve success. Among the four, however, it is prospecting the counts the most because of the fact that it is the initial stage. The problems of Sales Call Reluctance basically occurs during this particular phase. Whenever a salesperson is unable to make contact with prospects, there is already a guarantee that no sale will ever be made. This is the reason why the initial stage is always considered as the most important.

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