Conojo for iPad - the Best Whiteboard App Yet


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2013 -- Recently released on the iOS app store, “Conojo” for iPad looks set to be a well-deserved frontrunner in the digital whiteboard space. With a comprehensive set of features and a variety of useful sharing & collaborative options, the app makes it easier than ever to ditch the fidgety markers and embrace technology.

Since the birth of apps and indeed the App Store, the better productivity apps have consistently been some of the most popular, useful, and successful of all. One of the most common and indeed effective uses of the iPad has thus far been sketching, brainstorming and planning.

Whether one captures the creative side best away from the desk, or like to note theirr thoughts just before bed; there’s no doubt tablets are well utilized as on-the-go brainstorming/planning tools.

Conojo might be the best tool yet for this most common of purposes.

Labeled the 5-in-1 Whiteboard app, Conojo (which for the record translates roughly to “Rabbit” in Spanish) features a huge set of drawing tools, shapes, presets and templates that make it simple to get theirr thoughts across visually. In addition, the app is set up to make sharing & collaborating as easy as users like. Screencasting is just a button’s tap way, as is posting to any of the big name social networks or file sharing tools. Best of all, if one has a friend or colleague with an iPad, one can hook up over Wifi or Bluetooth, and scribble on the same digital whiteboard. Nice.

Check out Conojo Here: