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Consciousness Junkie Reviews LifeFlow Meditation Kit

Consciousness Junkie has completed a detailed review of the LifeFlow Meditation Kit designed to retrain the brain to create deeper brainwaves for enhanced relaxation.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2013 -- Meditation is typically thought to be a silent process in which an individual sits cross-legged with closed eyes and tries to breathe slowly. This is a cosmetic and limiting stereotype, and only scratches the surface. Throughout history, monks of all cultures have used chanting to create harmonic resonances that affect the brainwaves during meditation. Consciousness Junkie is a site dedicated to introducing and explaining this and other techniques for mental wellbeing, and has recently publish a LifeFlow review based on their new meditation kit, designed to create these harmonic resonances for individuals in the comfort of their own homes.

The review follows a standardized format for easy cross comparison across the site’s plethora of other reviews, making a generalized introduction to the product and its chief claims, before exploring the nature of how the product claims to work in detail. Then, the reviewer analyzes these claims through the lens of their own experience with the product, as well as the attestations of genuine users online. This creates the landscape upon which a conclusion is drawn and a recommendation is made.

Given the site’s glowing recommendation of the product, the LifeFlow meditation kit has provided a free sampler link to readers of the website so that they can try the meditative experience before they buy, to confirm the claims of both the company and the review.

A spokesperson for Consciousness Junkie explained, “The LifeFlow Meditation review is designed to help people to understand the scientific underpinning of precisely how the meditation kit works, how well it works, and what it is intended to be used for. Individuals looking for greater motivation or vitality won’t find it here; this is a meditation kit designed to maximize relaxation, and to enhance creativity and concentration by slowing down and opening up the mind, encouraging it to make new connections and to let go of old stressors, essentially rewiring though processes toward a more positive, relaxed outlook.”

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