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Consider Switch to Solar to Tap Into the Sun and Savings

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2017 -- That sizzling summer heat sure causes the energy bills to climb, doesn't it?

Well, here's one way to beat the heat and the high electric costs: a solar installation throughout the San Diego, CA, area with Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar. Already gone solar? Mauzy is the go-to company for solar panel repair across the San Diego, CA, area, too!

Mauzy is helping California homeowners establish energy independence. Switching to solar energy with Mauzy will reduce some dependency on the electric company. Better yet, choosing to operate an off-the-grid solar system eliminates dependency on the electric company for total energy independence.

Consider this: Global energy markets are notoriously unstable and price fluctuations can have a significant effect on the U.S. economy and household and business budgets. Solar energy protects families and business owners from both.

Here are just some of the benefits of solar energy:

When it comes to the sun, there are no energy shortages. The sun is a near-infinite source of power.

Households and businesses reduce their carbon footprint by not using nonrenewable fossil fuels.

Sunshine is free!

And here are some simple pointers to become energy independent:

Install solar cells, which convert sunlight directly into electricity. This is known as the PV or photovoltaic effect. The electricity that's generated is used to operate a home or business, with the excess exported to the power grid to earn credits. Going solar is cheaper and worry-free. Maintenance is easy and is only needed every three years.

Use appliances when the sun is out. Operating washers, dryers, dishwashers and other appliances when it's sunny allows for maximum use of solar power inside a home or business instead of sending excess power back to the grid when it's more economical to store it.

Consider purchasing a home energy storage system—a small battery bank—to store solar energy during the day and use it at after work and at night. This avoids purchasing electricity from the grid during peak hours, such as 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Mauzy's team has experts in installations, repairs and everything solar. The solar technicians are friendly, knowledgeable and accessible. They'll answer every question and address every concern, including budget questions. Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar knows the secrets to making solar affordable and achievable.

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