Consolidated Credit Reveals Shocking Method Used by Debt Assistance Company

The shocking method used by debt assistance companies to get customers was revealed by Consolidated Credit. The website will also provide individuals all the vital information about credit consolidation and how individuals can get out of debt fast.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2013 -- A recent report by StarTribune exposed a shocking method used by debt assistance companies to get customers.

According to the report, the couple William and Chouhei Mullin received a total of two letters from an unknown company. According to the letter, the couple owed a total $27,928 to the company although this has been denied by the couple. In the letter, the unidentified company also offers some debt assistance service to the couple.

When the couple called the unidentified company, the company answered some of the questions raised by the couple and the person in charge also revealed the services of the company which is basically debt assistance and debt counseling. One thing suspicious about this call is the refusal of the person in charge to reveal the fees that the company is charging for the services offered.

According to Dan Hendrickson with the Better Business Bureau, it is revealed that “Each letter contains only the barest amount of information on what company is behind this offer and what they’re actually offering.” He further went on to comment that “The general names they claim to operate under tell me they’re looking to keep a low profile.”

With the exposure of such method, individuals with debt problem, especially those that are behind payments should keep a look out for such kind of companies. According to Attorney General Lori Swanson, consumers should never pay any money up-front for the services offered by debt assistance companies. If suspect of anything, consumers should always refer to the State Commerce Department to check on the status of these debt assistance companies.

For individuals with problem paying off monthly loan payment, Consolidated Credit offers tips and guides to help individuals lower the monthly loan payment through legal way. The website has completed comprehensive study of the debt consolidation structure and hence is able to offer individuals valuable advice in getting out of debt.

The website, offer individuals tips in choosing the right debt assistance companies. The website also provides sufficient information on how consolidated debt loans work and how individuals can benefit by consolidating all the loans under one roof. Individuals visiting the website will have better understanding on the terms about consolidated credit and the various options for debt assistance that the public in general are not aware of.

Consolidated Credit Site is a website that provides information in helping individuals to consolidate debts under one roof and provide tips in negotiating repayment loan terms. The website also offers information in helping individuals locate and evaluate good debt settlement companies as well as presenting comprehensive information about credit consolidation loan and credit card bill consolidation.

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