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Consolidated Facility Urges Switching Now to Sacramento Business Green Cleaning

Consolidated Facility, a professional janitorial cleaning service, urges businesses now to get Sacramento janitorial services that provide green cleaning as environmental protection becomes an increasingly pressing issue.


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2013 -- Consolidated Facility Services, an expanding  Sacramento janitorial service , felt the need to bring environmental protection to the attention of Sacramento business. Businesses must do their part in protecting the environment by obtaining natural cleaning options for their company.

The benefits of cleaning with natural cleaning products has come to the forefront across the nation, with “going green” becoming the motto of businesses large and small. And it is not just about keeping our environment safe, but also about keeping employees healthy and on the job. Commercial cleaning commonly includes harsh cleaning agents which permeate the workplace with chemicals and toxic fumes. Even when cleaning is done at night, these particles can remain in the air, circulated by the HVAC system.

Eliminating all hazardous agents from passing from drains and out into our water supplies and land is vital. The owner of Consolidated Facility says, “We work hard to ensure environmental concerns are addressed in every way. We offer green cleaning products to ensure our customers are a key part of the environmentally-friendly business practices in the Sacramento area. We also help in this way to maintain a safe indoor environment so employees aren’t breathing in toxic chemicals all day.”

When using chemical cleaners, any  Stockton janitorial service  is actually putting their client and the environment at risk. Concentrated forms of many commercial cleaners come under the heading of “hazardous.” If these cleaning agents are kept on-site, this creates difficult storage and disposal issues. Spills can make more work in clean-up. On the other hand, environmentally friendly products are never cause for concern.

Green products have a number of positive attributes. They are low toxicity, biodegradable, and normally have recyclable packaging. This further reduces waste as well as transportation energy, all parts of environmental concerns. The public knows environmental protection is of the utmost importance when the White House has increased funding for the enforcement of environmental and public health protections in 2013.

The disadvantages of having toxic chemical cleaners in the workplace have never really been in question. According to the Washington Toxics Coalition, some of the most dangerous cleaners are corrosive drain cleaners and acidic toilet bowl cleaners. These are chemicals that go directly into our groundwater or lakes and streams. It has perhaps been a challenge finding Sacramento janitorial services that offer truly green cleaning products, but they are out there. Consolidated Facility is proud to join in the movement for “going green” and contributing to a safe planet and a healthy workplace. Giving back to clients is a way of life for this company, and they prove it every day with effective and safe cleaning for business in the Sacramento area.

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With over thirty-five years of commercial cleaning experience in the Sacramento area, Consolidated Facility provides superior cleaning services to businesses throughout the region. They are licensed, bonded and insured so customers are assured safe and efficient services.

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