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Constant Profits Club Launched by Andrew Hansen and Sara Young

A life changing opportunity that catapults people into profitability


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2016 -- Constant Profits Club is regarded to be the one of the most innovative internet marketing coaching programs that's now available to the masses.

The course, created by Andrew Hansen and Sara Young, is being offered for a limited time and involves a three step process. Constant Profits Club will teach people how to start earning money online in less than a week, how to convert that into passive income, and how to develop lasting income by scaling that to $10,000 per month," said Hansen.

Hansen has a proven track record in the internet marketing industry. He has helped a number of people go from Average Joes to entrepreneurs practically overnight. "One way I have been able to help them is through affiliate marketing. My students have learned how to build and grow $5,000-$10,000 per month through niche websites in a span of six-to-twelve months." Young's students have also experienced their fair share of successes. "I've been able to show students how to generate income online within three hours of starting," she said. A previous student has written a Constant Profits Club review detailing what is included in the course.

Students who sign up for the Club will participate in intense training programs, including a 10 week private web class. "This involves more than 100 training videos that will be broken down step-by-step," said Young. Students will also take part in 10 life coaching webinars, one per week for two hours each. In addition, they'll participate in life coaching webinars where they can ask questions and get them answered live."

Outsourcing is offered as well, meaning that students have access to a team of staff that can help them complete any part of the process if they run into complications. Community Access such as private forums, Facebook Group and Support Desk help are also available to all students.

Students will learn about specific topics and strategies -- including freelancing, establishing a niche business, site set up, content creation, traffic generation, as well as strategy, analytics, and return on investment.

Anyone interested in signing up for the Constant Profits Club can do so between March 8th-20th.

Interview opportunities with Andrew Hanson and Sara Young are limited. Call now to book your press availability.

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