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Construction Building Materials Improves Business Operation with Epicor Eagle Software Solutions


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2015 -- For over twenty years, Construction Building Materials has partnered with Epicor Eagle Software Company to expand and improve their business within the lumber service yard and home center industry. Thanks to Epicor's quality software solution programs, the company has improved in production, growing rapidly due to the easier management of complex operations. The building materials distributor continues to enhance its services with the assistance of Epicor.

Construction Building Materials uses software solutions for all aspects of their business, including customer service, accounts payable, accounts receivable, point of sale, credit card transactions and more. Epicor's software systems and products have given the construction retail business the ability to service their customers more effectively, at a faster level. One software solution that has greatly impacted their business positively is the mobile manager software. "We are able to give our customers better service through mobile manager – I'm able to check a price for a customer when I'm out on a job site with them," said Jay Saxton, Director of Sales and Operations at Construction Building Materials.

Epicor's solutions, such as electronic payment exchange merchant processing, point of sale system, performance manager and asset protection, have put Construction Building Materials ahead of their competition. Instant access to reports, organization and fast turnaround time are just a few of the facets that have increased their retail business. "It's made my job a lot easier with making phone calls - I don't have to write notes all the time now," said Cissi Quattrocchi, an Office Manager of the company. "I have access to what [the customers] need right away."

The software solutions of Epicor have provided Construction Building Materials with far more than enhanced productivity; it has played a role in increasing profits and formulating long-term business relationships. But the company's growth in productivity doesn't just end there. The company aims to expand further with the help of the advanced software solutions provided by their partner, Epicor. For more information on the services of Construction Building Materials, please visit their website.

About Construction Building Materials
In 1946, one of the oldest businesses in Bucks County, PA, was purchased by Peter Cattani, Nicholas Listorti, Gugliermo "Butch" Cattani, Angelo Quattrocchi and Joseph Quaranta. As a team, the group transformed what was once a coal yard into a building material supplier and fuel oil business. Construction Building Materials was later expanded to include a location in Oakford, PA. For many years, builders, remodelers, commercial businesses and government agencies have relied on the supplier to provide them with superb service and high-quality products. As an independent hardware retailer, they supply hand tools, housewares, paint, power tools, garden equipment, electrical hardware, heaters, air conditioners, sporting goods and more.

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