Construction Companies in UK Need Not Worry About the New BIM Norms

BuilderStorm, The Game-Changing Construction Project Management Software, Can Help In Meeting The New Norms


Brighton, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2014 -- Two experts, James Sandwick and David Lawrence have launched BuilderStorm, an innovative online construction project management software program called BuilderStorm. The UK Government has introduced a few Building Information Modelling norms and this software can meet the needs of these new norms.

This online construction project management software program can also be an evaluation tool and a repository for construction projects irrespective of the size of the projects, their scope or complexity. Experts opine that this software will be a game changer as well as a boon that can help the construction industry with its great features. The features of this software cover every element of the projects right from the conceptualisation and vendor invitation stage till the commissioning of the projects and raising of the relevant invoices.

The foremost feature of the software is its storage system that is based on the cloud-hosting technology and therefore, construction companies that use the program can have unlimited storage for their drawing files and all the other documents. Just a single account is enough for housing multiple projects, users and data sources and also for synergising their various components.

Other features of the software program are the RFIs, the mail management systems and the defect-reporting modules. Most importantly, the security system of the software is highly advanced and is equivalent to the levels of bank security systems. The software has contingency systems like backups, training, data migration, etc. also.

Apart from features like an activity manager, a delivery manager, environment reporting support, scheduling systems, an allocation manager and BIM support, there are custom fields for unique projects also in this software. This software program is offered in one year, three year and five year packages.

Users can also make use of the 30-day trial period before they purchase the online construction project management software. Apart from this, the founders announce a number of other special offers as well as promotional discounts so as to make this program available to users at competitive prices.

According to David Lawrence who is the CEO and who is an expert in the construction industry, this software program can be of immense use to construction organisations because it is flexible, easy to use and fast.

Mr. Sandwick who is the Technical Director of the team that created this software, points out that this program has all the qualities like cross-platform compatibility, import and export options, very high level of security, and regular updates about the innovations and happenings in the industry. These are the qualities a modern-day organisation needs from its virtual systems.

Experts opine that this software program will prove to be a boon to not only top-end firms but for small to medium-scale companies as well. Companies that use this online construction project management software will find it easy to conform to the new BIM norms and the paperwork laid down by the government.

About BuilderStorm
BuilderStorm is an online construction project management software created with an intention to help construction companies in UK in fulfilling the new BIM norms introduced by the UK Government. The software program has a number of key features that are easy to use. The software is flexible and hence, it can be used by all the companies irrespective of their size.

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