Consumer Advocate Services Enterprises Gets Attacked by Slanderous Attacks on Ripoff Report and Is Able to Recover $40 Million to Its Clients

Consumer Advocate Services Enterprises received slanderous scam claims on Ripoff Report, which have been proven false.


Long Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2014 -- In the past two years, there has been an estimated $40 million recovered by Consumer Advocate Services Enterprises. Consumer Advocate Services Enterprises helps people recover money that they lost as a result of being defrauded. There are various scenarios that innocent consumers have fallen victim to in fraudulent investments that appear to be legitimate at first glance. CASE investigates the fraudulent investment and helps you file claims to help clients receive as much of their money back as possible.

Some examples of fraudulent investments include putting money into fraudulent oil and gas investment scams, to various scenarios of real estate fraud for various investments.

CASE has also helped clients recover money from timeshare re-sales, from movie production companies that turn out to not be making the film they say they will make, pre-IPO stocks that never go public, and precious metal scams. Other scenarios include home based business scams, in addition to lottery scams that ask for the recipient to pay a specified amount of money upfront through money transfer outlets.

Some examples of the scenarios of clients who have been scammed include losing $1 million in an investment for oil wells. These oil wells turned out to not be owned by the company that asked for investment money. Today, it is becoming increasingly more of a challenge to locate legitimate gas and oil investments. As a result, it is important to look out for fraudulent business practices.

Another example would be of individuals posing as a production company and asking for investment money to fund a popular classic film remake. An investor put $300,000 into the project only to find out the project was never made. It was discovered that the owner of the film production company was indicted on money laundering charges. It was unfortunate for the investor who had fallen victim to the scam that a large portion of the client's retirement money had been lost. Consumer Advocate Services Enterprises was able to achieve a percentage of the money lost back to the client.

Some of clients of CASE were also victims of real estate fraud in which they paid for properties. However, it was a quick claim deed, with no liens or warrants on the company. The company never flipped and got out of the properties and titles business. Consumer Advocate Services Enterprises was able to get properties and titles out of the names of their clients who had been defrauded.

Consumer Advocate Services Enterprises Inc. is dedicated to helping their clients as much as possible. Here are some testimonials from clients of Consumer Advocate Services Enterprises.

“It is wonderful working with a company that understands the value of collecting funds while maintaining a healthy relationship with their customers. Consumer Advocate Services would call me once a week, every week, to update me on my case until it was resolved. I'm extremely pleased with the services that were provided and would not have been able to recover my money without their help. Thank you Consumer Advocate Services” - Frank A., client

“C.A.S.E. recovered 80% of my investment, and then warned me right before I invested in another fraudulent company. I am so thankful.” -Wilbur H., client

The company has also been attacked by false negative reviews. Its competition put false Consumer Advocate Services Enterprises complaints on Ripoff Report to make CASE appear less than ideal. The Consumer Advocate Services Ripoff Report is not a valid source for reviews because the site does not check the validity of sources, unlike the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). The Consumer Advocate Services Enterprises scam claims are entirely false. A spokesperson from CASE noted that if anyone is unsatisfied with the services provided, then he or she can contact the customer service line, and a representative will work with him or her on resolving the problem. Consumer Advocate Services is a California-based company that operates out of the city of Long Beach. Whether you live locally or across the U.S., Consumer Advocate Services Enterprises Inc. is ready to help you.

Consumer Advocate Services Enterprises understands that each case is unique. As a result, they tailor each case according to the situation. CASE is dedicated to going through every legal avenue to provide you with a refund. They start with putting together all the needed information to properly build a case, and then contact all involved parties, including financial institutions that have worked with these businesses. The company will also file grievances to all the proper state and federal agencies. CASE’s experienced investigators will track down those businesses that have scammed consumers and work to end the fraudulent activity of scammers.

About Consumer Advocate Services Enterprises
Consumer Advocate Services Enterprises is committed to working on the cases of their clients until it is resolved. For the amount of effort and work put in for each client, it exceeds the amount that CASE has been paid, assuring significant value to their clients. The company also does not settle for amounts that the clients are not happy with. It operates at a low cost, and the legal help involves fees that are small or complementary. The company does not file civil litigation. This company provides their clients with reasonable services for the average consumer. For more information on Consumer Advocate Services Enterprises, please visit or call 1(877)70-CASE-2.