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CONSUMER ALERT: Mattress Wedge TV Product Breaks "The Rules"

Seven-year Los Angeles Times Reporter Reveals Why Mattress Wedge, the As Seen On TV hit, Probably Won’t Be Available in Stores...Ever


Woodland Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2014 -- It's a fact. Most products "seen on TV" can also be bought on or offline at Walmart or Walgreens. But Mattress Wedge is the exception.,” says Jaclyn Easton best known for her reporting for Los Angeles Times and CBS News.

You can only get the Mattress Wedge from the company directly at and that will probably never change, says Easton who wrote the review of the ad for

“Go ahead and search even Bed, Bath and Beyond and you will not find the Mattress Wedge. You will not find Mattress Wedge reviews. The only place you can get one is from the TV offer because the inventors are selling it directly to customers” the article states.

Easton notes, "Search for the phrase "wedge pillows", for instance, and all you get are links to a foam incline pillow that props up someone with acid reflux or back and neck issues. There is no product to fill in the gap between a headboard and a mattress.

There is a high demand for this type of product, so the folks that offer the Mattress Wedge are really smart because they know they don’t need to sell it in stores.

There’s also the issue of size (the smallest is the length of a twin bed) and sizes (they are available in King, Queen and Twin). For a store to stock a couple of each would take up an entire aisle.

For this reason, Easton believes that Mattress Wedge is one “as seen on TV” product that will remain available only through their official website, click here.