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Consumer Attorney Services Strives to Offer Its Clients the 'Ideal Client Experience'


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- As anyone who has ever needed to declare bankruptcy or foreclose on a home knows quite well, they can be emotionally devastating experiences. Hiring an attorney who is both compassionate and knowledgeable can go a long way in making these stressful situations more tolerable.

Since the day it opened for business, Consumer Attorney Services, which is made up of a team of bankruptcy and foreclosure defense lawyers, has strived to offer the most outstanding customer service possible to all of its clients. The law group utilizes a variety of unique methods in regards to the many services it offers that it calls the “Ideal Client Experience.”

For example, the attorneys all possess a great deal of pride that drives their determination to help their clients to the best of their ability. The law group’s “never quit” attitude helps ensure that everyone will receive the legal help that they deserve.

In addition, the attorneys all have a strong sense of empathy and compassion for both their clients and their specific situations. They understand how difficult foreclosure and bankruptcy can be, and they strive to get to know their clients as people.

“We don’t just want to know your problem; we want to know about you and your family,” an article on the CAS website noted, adding that the firm is built upon a strong family oriented foundation that helps the attorneys have a personal bond with their clients.

“You are a person to us, a family to us; you are not a number here.”

The attorneys are all honest and have a sense of transparency with their clients, and are also modest and humble. The firm does not measure its success based on how many cases it wins; it determines success by the honest feedback that the clients give, and by giving everyone the best legal service possible.

Finally, people who are facing bankruptcy or foreclosure can rest assured that the attorneys from Consumer Attorney Services will communicate with them on a regular basis. Clients do not have to fear that their attorneys will never be available to talk or answer questions. Everyone at the firm works hard to make sure their clients are informed on any progress and are up to date on their cases.

People who would like to learn more about the firm are welcome to visit its website at any time; the user-friendly site includes a Consumer Attorney Services blog that includes a lot of in-depth and educational articles that feature the latest information and facts about foreclosure, bankruptcy, loan modification and debt settlement.

About Consumer Attorney Services
Consumer Attorney Services is a law group headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida but attorneys stationed near nationwide with the primary focus on bankruptcy and foreclosure defense. With the rates of foreclosures at the highest they've ever been, particularly in Florida, its foreclosure defense services are invaluable for defending foreclosure and preserving your legal rights. For more information, please visit http://consumerattorneyservices.net