Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

Consumer Challenge: Which of the Bestselling Green Coffee Bean Extracts Works for You

New website pits Green Coffee Bean Extracts against each other in a winner take all battle for the title of “Weight Loss Supplement of the Year.”


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2012 -- In early 2012, Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract was scientifically proven to promote significant weight loss and a reduction in body fat during a double-blind study conducted by Dr. Joe Vinson on a group of sixteen participants. In just three months, they showed a 10% decrease in overall weight and a 16% decrease in body fat percentage without any changes to diet or their daily exercise routine.

However, it wasn’t until April of 2012 that green coffee beans really hit the mainstream when Dr. Oz, arguably the best known celebrity nutritionist in America, aired an episode of his show that hailed it as the “magic weight loss cure for every body type.” Since then, sales of this natural fat burning supplement have skyrocketed to levels almost comparable to those enjoyed by the Acai Berry craze that swept the nation a few years ago.

One website, GreenCoffeeBeanExtractX.com, is currently designing a consumer challenge that should shed some light on which brand of this “super supplement” is really putting out a product that lives up to all the hype… if any. After researching the top selling brands online, the website’s owner, Kenrick Callwood, decided to let the consumers have a voice in the debate.

“With all of these companies trying to cash in, the consumer needs a platform where they can get real, unbiased information on which product is actually producing results,” he said of the new initiative.

He and his team are currently developing a Facebook fan page where people will be able to upload before & after pictures, videos and other multimedia content to help determine once and for all if the green coffee bean movement is a revolution in weight loss supplementation or just another summer diet fad.

“The idea is to let real people weigh in on what is actually working, rather than relying on prefabricated “testimonials” that have ulterior motives for promoting one product over the other,” stated Callwood in a recent interview.

Though no official launch date has been announced, the company hopes to have the platform ready within the next few months.

For more information on green coffee beans and launch news, please visit GreenCoffeeBeanExtractX.com.