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Consumer Protection Agency Reveals Important Information on How to Protect Online Reputation


Drums, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- Online reputation is vital for businesses and professionals, such as physicians, insurance agents and consultants. This is why a majority of people today surf on the web searching for a company, product or a service. Unfortunately, many business owners and professionals do not consider their online reputation to be important, thus resulting in lost business for them after having a few bad reviews online.

“Since we live in the age of information and online social networking, like Facebook, Twitter and Yelp, it’s more important for businesses and professionals to protect their online reputation”, said Michael Raynolds.

Here are some tips to protect your online reputation of your business:

Google your business

One easy task to do is to Google daily your company’s name, in order to monitor what other people are saying about your business. In addition, you can set up Google Alerts to let you know if your company is reviewed online.

Maintain a business online presence

You should have profiles of your business, on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn; because these social media platforms have changed radically the way we do business today. Having profiles on these platforms, you can build your business online reputation by promoting your business positively and building relationship with your customers. Also, a key element is that you can react rapidly to any complaints, made by the customers and with these tools you can regain their loyalty and trust to your brand, having as result a good online reputation of your business.

Create your business profile

As many people surf on the web daily, searching for reviews, it is vital for your business to create an online business profile, in order to build your online reputation and fix if there is any negative review.

Respond to anyone in a professional way

Your business will receive negative feedback from time to time. It’s a part of the business game and in these cases, your decision on how to deal with these complaints are vital for your online reputation. When a customer gives you negative feedback about anything, do not take it as a personal attack. Simply take this information and right the wrong no one is perfect. You need to be respectful and calmly advise customers, if they have the wrong information. However, if the customer has a legitimate complaint, you should apologize and do the best to fix the problem. Remember that customer service is the key to having a successful strong business for now and into the future.

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An independent organization, Consumer Protection Agency has created a community of consumers and companies where negative issues can be addressed, reviewed, and resolved. Consumers can address concerns by signing up for membership and filling out a web form, while businesses can comment on issues and attempt to resolve them. An additional service for improving online reputation is also available.

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