Consumer Broadband Helps Visitors Find the Best Broadband Deal with the Help of Customer Reviews


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2012 -- The provision of Broadband Internet services is still a growing business, and in the digital age it has become one of life’s essentials. Broadband is considered just as vital a home utility as power, water and the telephone. Many companies have entered the broadband business in the last decade, and it has become a very competitive market. This creates an advantageous situation for potential customers, as broadband providers scramble to offer the best deals.

One website that is gaining a lot of attention in this area is, a broadband comparison website which is beginning to build a substantial reputation as a great place to compare broadband plans and providers.

The site presents the data in an easy to understand, straightforward manner so that potential customers can customers can compare broadband providers in their area quickly and easily. Each service has a short description and a comprehensive breakdown of features and benefits. There is also an option for visitors to read genuine user reviews of each service, or to add their own review.

In addition to providing a way for existing customers to air their views about their current broadband provider, each entry has a simple set of buttons where visitors can vote on whether they like or dislike the service in question. This data is aggregated into a percentage approval meter, so visitors can gauge public opinion at a glance.

The site is also useful for visitors who want to compare two broadband packages directly with each other. In the comparison section, two providers are directly compared on their most important attributes such as speed, price, reliability, customer service and other criteria.

A spokesperson for the site said:

“Consumer broadband is definitely a buyer’s market at the moment. There are so many broadband providers out there and most of them are trying to offer more for less money than their competitors. However it can be really difficult and time consuming for consumers to find the best deal for them. That’s why we set up It’s a site that makes it easy to get the very best value broadband package available. Instead of spending hours dealing with each provider individually and comparing data, visitors to our site can quickly find the best deal in minutes. Visitors can also get reviews directly from other customers which gives us the most independent reviews on the market.”

About is a site dedicated to compiling information on the most popular home broadband providers, providing an easy way for site visitors to quickly determine which package will be best for them.

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