Consumers Benefit from GenFX Bulk Discounts


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2013 -- HGHhelp is exited to announce that the GenFX manufacturer is offering a bulk discount price to customers – you could save as much as $200, and that’s worth talking about. Whether you already use GenFX or want to try it this bulk pricing is a great opportunity.

A 12 month support of GenFX is usually $599.40 but right now you can save $200 and buy 12 month bulk order for $399.40. If you prefer a smaller quantity, you can purchase a6 month bulk order for $199.70 allowing you to save $100. A 5 month bulk order will save you $75 for a cost of $174.75. Finally, you can buy a 4 month bulk order for $149.80 and still save $50. You can also order a one or two month supply. For more info on Genfx go to HGHhelp

The HGHHelp website is designed to provide consumers with somewhere they can go to get unbiased, in-depth information on all the HGH supplements on the market. With so much hype, it’s hard for consumers to determine what’s truth and what’s fiction. Having a site where you can find out everything you need to know about HGH to make a decision that’s right for you, is an incredibly helpful tool. This is a helpful resource for anyone trying to sort through it all. At Hghhelp , you can learn about the side effects and the benefits of HGH supplements.

According to HGhhelp Many turn to HGH injections like Humatrope to increase their HGH levels. This is especially true of bodybuilders or those looking to develop lean muscle mass. The problem with HGH injections is that they require a doctor’s prescription, are very expensive, and have serious side effects associated with them. Most do not need HGH injections like Norditropin , unless they have a medical condition that requires a doctor’s prescription. An HGH supplement like GenFX is a much better choice. They require no prescription, are affordable, and have minimal side effects.

GenFX offers natural ingredients. The GenFX manufacturer’s website says GenFX contain natural ingredients along with purified amino acids. Seven of the amino acids are essential and must be obtained through diet. As a result, most of us are lacking these amino acids. The GenFX HGH supplement offers consumers a much safer alternative than HGH injections.

GenFX manufacturers claim those who use their supplements can enjoy an increase in lean muscle mass, a reduction in body fat, increased libido, improved energy, as well as reversing the signs of aging. For more on the benefits of HGH visit hghhelp.info

About GenFX
The manufacturer of GenFX claims the have one of the best products available. GenFX is effective and affordable for consumers that want to enjoy all of the benefits HGH supplements have to offer. The bulk pricing GenFX manufacturer is offering provides an excellent opportunity for consumers to stock up and save. For a list of HGH supplements go to www.hghhelp.info

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