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Consumers Can Increase Their Protection Against Credit Card Electronic Pickpockets Through a Foil


Manchester, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2016 -- Fraudsters continue to find ways to make their way to the pockets of consumers. The good news is that there are measures credit card holders can take to fight these crooks.

Consumers can increase their protection against credit card electronic pickpockets by using a foil. Thieves are using card skimming devices to steal credit and debit card information even without touching their victims.

These card skimming devices can be bought easily online and are inexpensive. They can scan and steal information with the thieves and victims a few feet away from each other. Unfortunately, these crooks can commit the crime without the victims knowing it.

According to Margot Mohsberg Johnson, a security-issues spokeswoman for the American Bankers Association who has studied this type of fraud, this lucrative crime can happen anytime.

This modern type of theft is called electronic pickpocket. Today, credit cards are already equipped with the radio-frequency identification chips, which are thought to offer an added security for credit and debit cards.

However, thieves have already became crafty, fearless, and desperate. They use scanners to steal unnoticeably in just a matter of seconds.

There are certain information that consumers should be aware of about credit cards. One is that when they have two RFID-enabled credit cards in their wallet, the scanners usually get confused and are unable to read information.

Another technique is to use an aluminum foil in the wallet with a credit card. This precautionary technique can prevent scanning devices from reading the card and stealing information. Aluminum foils are cheap and can be bought at grocery stores.

Individuals who want to protect themselves from fraudsters may equip their wallets with an aluminum foil. According to experts, it can be extremely helpful for consumers to be vigilant and to take some measures that can ward off fraudsters.

The use of RFID blocking sleeves is widely thought to be extremely helpful to consumers. These sleeves are designed to block the signals coming from the electronic scanning devices. What makes these sleeves beneficial is that they can protect consumers anywhere they go from restaurants to crowded places such as subways.

Consumers can place this set of RFID blocking sleeves inside their wallet. Today, there are many consumers who find these sleeves extremely helpful, especially those who usually go through crowded places such as subways on a daily basis.

The RFID blocking sleeves are inexpensive and can be purchased at


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