Consumers Choose to Forgo Travel Websites when Planning Vacations

New survey reveals consumers don’t use travel websites for their travel arrangements


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2014 -- (TBC) released a new survey regarding travel websites. The TBC team wanted to know if people take advantage of travel websites when it comes to their booking needs.

“Most people plan at least one vacation a year,” TBC Content Manager Kate Ward said. “We wanted to see if consumers utilize travel websites when planning trips.”

This survey is the second of a four part survey series TBC will continue to release through the end of the year. The TBC team asked the question “How often do you use travel websites (Travelocity, Priceline, etc.) to book your vacations?”

The survey had 1,006 responses to the four possible answers. Below are the answer choices with their relative percentages.

A.Never-48.7 percent
B.Sometimes-34.6 percent
C.Often-10.2 percent
D.Always-6.4 percent

The majority response of “never” raises some insights regarding travel websites in general. According to the survey, the majority of those that chose “often” or “always”, earned $150,000 or more annually. This highlights an interesting insight that explains that those who use travel websites more also have the means to do so.

Also, in the majority 48.7 percent, more people from the southern United States chose “never” than people from the western United States. This insight brings an interesting issue to how people in different geographical regions choose to spend their money.

“Travel Websites have the opportunity to capitalize on these results,” Ward said. “These companies have the ability to change consumers minds and alter their marketing tactics to reach potential users.”

The TBC team believes this survey gives insightful information for travel websites as a whole. While the majority response of “never” may seem overwhelming, there is an opportunity to change perception.

Travel websites should use this information to increase awareness about what they do. It is important to use this survey as a way to improve. provide honest reviews of companies. They combine real customer reviews and their expert criteria to rank companies in different industries. Creating honest reviews puts the customers needs first.

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