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Consumers Race to for Independent Reviews of CrossFit Products


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/15/2012 -- We are continually bombarded with information about the need to keep fit. Many celebrities have released exercise DVDs to help people keep fit at home. At the same time, the Gym, Health and Fitness Clubs industry has been growing rapidly. CrossFit training has exploded into popular culture since Greg Glassman introduced the concept in 2000 and here are currently approximately 3,400 CrossFit affiliated gyms around the world, most of them in the United States.

The CrossFit strength and conditioning program is a constantly varied, high intensity aerobic workout, designed to improve overall fitness levels. The workouts last no more than 20 minutes but they demand all-out physical exertion. The training regime has become so popular that some companies have created sports and lifestyle products especially for CrossFit participants.

One website that consumers have been turning to when they want to purchase CrossFit clothing is The main menu bar, conveniently positioned at the top of the home page, breaks down the products into the main categories of CrossFit clothing, equipment, gear, shirts, shoes and shorts.

The site features a plethora of independent reviews on different products. “Reebok CrossFit shoes are probably the best known line of CrossFit shoes on the market today; Athletes wear them in the CrossFit Games and logging more than 18 months in research and design, they were the world’s first shoes designed by and for CrossFitters.” Explains the site before going on to provide an in depth review of Reebok’s two models.

In addition to reviewing the various brands of CrossFit socks on the market, the site also explains why compression socks are an important clothing item for CrossFit enthusiasts.

CrossFit Clothing has compiled high quality imagery of all the products it reviews. By clicking on an image, site visitors are directed to a page where they can purchase the product.

Visitors to the site will find all the latest CrossFit reviews listed to the right hand side of each page, and by signing up for a regular newsletter, they will receive a discount code enabling them to get between 10% and 15% off Inov-8, Skins and Jaco.

About is a website providing independent reviews of products designed for people undertaking a CrossFit training regime. From clothing to equipment, CrossFit Clothing covers it all.

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