Consumers Reveal the Most Recognized Identity Theft Company

A recent survey distributed by BIDTC shows LifeLock as the most recognized company in the identity theft industry.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2014 -- (BIDTC) is an industry leading review website, known for their thorough research into identity theft companies. Their experts were interested in what brand comes to consumer’s minds when they think of identity theft. They distributed a survey to hundreds of consumers and received back these distinct results:

Which brand do you recognize most when it comes to identity theft?
A) LifeLock – 68.2 percent
B) Identity Guard – 13.0 percent
C) LegalShield – 9.3 percent
D) ID Watchdog – 6.1 percent
E) InfoArmor – 3.4 percent

With 68.2 percent of the vote, LifeLock is the clear winner in brand recognition. This is likely due to their high marketing budget resulting in frequent commercials and ads. They have also proven to be one of the best companies in the identity theft industry. On BIDTC, LifeLock is the number one ranked company out of over 95 companies listed.

Identity Guard comes in second at 13.0 percent. Identity Guard is definitely a well-known brand, but how are they ranked on BIDTC compared to LifeLock? Right now, Identity Guard isn’t in the top five. A direct quote from Identity Guard’s review on BIDTC states;

“Even though Identity Guard might seem like a big player in the identity theft industry, we believe that they could do a lot more to better their product and take care of their customers.”

LegalShield, ID Watchdog, and InfoArmor make up the rest of the votes. They are also all in BIDTC’s top five recommended companies. Although ID Watchdog and InfoArmor are ranked higher than LegalShield on BIDTC, LegalShield has over 90 more customer reviews than the other two companies combined. The majority of these reviews are left by satisfied customers.

When comparing results by demographics, the biggest insight BIDTC experts found was that the higher earning men picked LifeLock more than any other demographic.

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