Consumers Seek Good Credit Scores to Apply for Home or Auto Loans

New survey shows having a high credit score is important to apply for loans


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- wanted to understand why a good credit score was important to consumers. The BCRC team released a survey to gage consumers’ feelings about their credit.

“The credit repair industry can be confusing and intimidating,” Kate Ward, Public Relations Director, said. “If we understand why they want better credit scores, we can help them achieve better scores with honest reviews of the best credit repair companies.”

This survey uncovers what is important to consumers regarding their credit scores. The BCRC review team created this survey with hopes of better understanding consumers’ views regarding why a good credit score was important to them.

The survey polled consumers and asked, “Why is having a good credit score important to you?”

The following show the survey responses with their relative percentages:

A.To apply for a home/auto loan-56.3 percent
B.To decrease insurance costs-17.8 percent
C.Employers may do a background check-14.3 percent
D.To apply for a credit card-11.6 percent

The majority of those surveyed overwhelmingly related to the home and auto loan efforts. The second most common response only earned 17.8 percent of the vote and was related to decreased insurance costs. This survey shows that consumers are interested in investing in their lives and working towards the next step.

One interesting insight regarding the majority response was the age group that showed the most interest in this category. People ranging in age from 25 to 34 years old were most interested in a good credit score to apply for a home or auto loan.

This is significant because it shows how people in that age group are focused on buying houses or cars. They are looking to make investments for their future and want good credit scores to help obtain a loan and receive lower interest rates.

“This survey brings up an interesting discovery regarding that younger age groups,” Ward said. “It changes how we look at credit repair all together. The target audience and their wants is different than we initially expected.”

The credit repair industry has the opportunity to use this information and reach out to those who are looking to buy a home or car. Specifically, they can target the age group 25 to 34. This survey provides insights about why people want to raise their credit scores.

About reviews credit repair companies with the consumers’ best interest in mind. The BCRC team’s expert criteria, combined with real user reviews, create real ratings consumers can trust.

The BCRC team believes finding out the why consumers want higher credit scores will better help them find credit repair companies who are willing to help them.

The more objective a review is, the better it will help consumers find what they are really looking for.

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