Consurgo Ltd Launches Condom Size Finder App on Google App Store


Zagreb, Croatia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- Consurgo Ltd today announced the launch of the ‘Jimmy Hat Size’ condom size finder app on the Google Play App store.

Consurgo Ltd today announced that its long awaited ‘condom size finder’ application ‘Jimmy Hat Size’ had finally hit the Google Play store as a free download for the Android operating system.

‘Jimmy Hat Size’ is designed to help men select the perfect sized condom for their ‘needs’. From the application men will be able to directly insert their vital statistics and the application will tell them the exact condom size that they need to purchase to ensure that sex remains a pleasurable but safe activity.

There are many men out there who do not realize the dangers of ‘ill-fitting’ condoms. Those who wear condoms which fit poorly, even by a fraction of an inch, run exactly the same risks as those that are wearing no condom whatsoever. This means that a poor-fitting condom could lead to pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases if one is not careful. The application looks to remedy this to ensure that people get the best condom size for their jimmy.

“It was a long time in the making but we are finally proud to launch our application ‘Jimmy Hat Size’. Over the past year or so we have been running our website ( and has the traffic began to grow we quickly realized that there were men out there actively trying to find out what the best condom size for their needs were. At the time we were one of the only condom websites out there that actually done this. Having an ‘app’ was a natural off-shoot from this idea and we are ever so happy that we are now able to reach people that we never did before. Hopefully we can make sex that much safer for each and every one of them” Peter Rastovic, creator of the ‘Jimmy Hat Size’ app said yesterday.

People are able to download ‘Jimmy Hat Size’ free of charge from:

About Consurgo Ltd
Consurgo Ltd is a company founded by Peter Rastovic in 2013. Whilst the company has many different ventures, perhaps one of their most popular is the website, which was started as a hobby project in 2011. This site, attracting over 200,000 views a month is a blog dedicated to helping men around the globe find the right size condom. The ‘Jimmy Hat Size’ application is an off-shoot of the original website and has been designed for men who want to find out what type of condom they should be using from their phone.

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