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Contact Lens Innovations Change the Way We See

Mobile Alabama eye doctor offers new and exciting methods of contact lens use for middle age patients and children!


Mobile, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2017 -- Unexpected things happen often in life. In health care, unexpected things can lead us to some surprising opportunities.

Myopia, or nearsightedness, has become a major problem for kids in the USA, presumably due to the increased level of daily near tasks. Computers, phones, tablets and even video games occupy more hours per day of most kids activities. The number of cases of Myopia in the US has doubled over the past 20 years and is expected to double again by 2050. As Myopia gets worse, the likelihood for eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal detachment increases by up to 10 times.

Recent studies have shown that the progression of nearsightedness can be reduced using new generation multifocal contact lenses when worn at an early age by nearsighted kids. New technology contact lens materials combined with easy care regimens make contacts lenses safe to wear for many kids starting around 8-10 years old. Contact lenses make playing sports more fun than having to wear eyeglasses and ends the "four eyes" comments for all the rest!

Dr. Gregory Jackson of Premier Medical Eye Group in Mobile Alabama says: "In most Asian countries, parents, educators, and health professionals are well aware of the dangers of myopia, while in the US, because the rates of myopia are half what they are in Asia, we are still catching up on getting the patients educated about this dangerous problem. As an eye doctor, one of my primary responsibilities is to educate my patients about the major health risks of not actively treating myopia progression." Read more about Myopia Control here.

Presbyopia has been a problem for the 40-plus group as long as man has been around. Reading glasses have been the solution for many decades. In the past, there have not been great options for ditching the bifocals for this group, especially if vision correction for distance was complicated with astigmatism.

Times have changed for the better! Finally there is a way to read small text easily without wearing your mother's readers. Multifocal contact lenses that correct a wide variety of distance vision and near vision problems are here!

Multifocal contact lenses can provide many in the over 40 group the ability to ditch their eye glasses for most of the activities they do! Imagine being free of eyeglasses day after day using both eyes for distance and near tasks. LASIK cannot give you that kind of freedom!

If you are under 15, or over 40, we likely have a multifocal contact lens that can help you get the most out of your eyes. No matter which generation you are in, we know how to match your vision needs with the proper multifocal contact lens for vision success.

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