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Container Exchanger Announces Improved Rates for Sellers of Many Containers

Boosted rates for a number of popular products will help the container broker's services make even better business sense for many companies, Container Exchanger reports


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2014 -- Container Exchanger, a container brokerage service for manufacturers and commercial customers, announced that the company is now offering higher rates to sellers of a variety of used container types. Improvements in the company's already-efficient logistics and processing operations have allowed it to increase the rates paid for a number of the most-demanded container types, and these rates are effective immediately. Container Exchanger is one of the nation's leading companies of its type and boasts a long list of satisfied customers on both the buying and selling sides of the operation.

"Despite already paying the industry's top prices for most of the containers we work with," company representative Ronald Dod stated, "we're pleased to announce that, from this moment on, we will be able to offer even more generous terms to sellers of a number of high-volume container types." Some environmental groups estimate that plastic and paper packaging adds up to as much as 30% of the total volume of garbage found in landfills worldwide. Container Exchanger's services help to cut down on such waste by making it easier for manufacturers and their customers to reuse containers and other packaging that would otherwise be discarded. In addition to improving environmental footprints in this way, customers of the company save money by either receiving something back for the containers they sell or paying less for used containers than they would for brand-new ones.

Container Exchanger buys and sells a wide variety of used containers. Some of the company's most popular products with both sellers and buyers are metal bins which are used for shipping and storing delicate and high-value industrial products. Container Exchanger already pays extremely competitive prices for these bins and tubs made of corrugated steel and other metals, and the company's new basic rate schedule will provide even more generous compensation for sellers of some of these items. At the same time, the company will maintain the low prices and excellent service for buyers of used containers which have made it such an important source for many manufacturers, shippers, and other clients.

"For our clients, Container Exchanger means two things: a greener operation and a stronger bottom line," Dod concluded, "and with our improved buying prices on a number of containers, even more companies out there are going to benefit from using our services." In addition to buying and selling a wide variety of used, usable containers, Container Exchanger now also buys containers, pallets, and totes which are fit only for scrap. These products are recycled as appropriate, whether that might be for repairing other containers or for melting down into basic materials, as with some plastic containers. In any case, Container Exchanger once again pays sellers the highest available rates for these scrap products. Buyers and sellers who wish to investigate the company's services and product lines may do so conveniently at its well-maintained website at, where an active blog also delves into container-related news and opportunities.

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One of the country's leading brokers of used containers, Container Exchanger works to make sure that both buyers and sellers see compelling financial benefits while also helping the environment. A growing list of the nation's top manufacturers, shippers, and other companies rely on Container Exchanger's products and services as an important part of their operations.