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Container Exchanger Launches New App to Streamline Buying and Selling

App allows buyers and sellers to work with the Container Exchanger site even from remote locations, reports Container Exchanger


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2014 -- Container Exchanger, a company that specializes in finding buyers and sellers of reusable industrial packaging, has just released an app for iOS and Android mobile device users that makes it even faster and easier to buy and sell their containers, pallets, and other used industrial goods. This will help streamline the process for its customers and simplify both ends of the transaction spectrum.

"Many manufacturers and other companies need durable containers to store finished products and other goods," explained David Madden of Container Exchanger. "The ups and downs of business cycles, however, mean that they rarely need the same amount of containers at all times. When a big order comes in, a company may need hundreds or even thousands of containers to keep everything organized and safe from damage. Once the high period passes, however, all of those containers end up sitting and taking up space for nothing. For companies with cycles like this, it makes sense to buy in extra containers when needed and then sell them back off during the slow times. Our company makes it easy to accomplish this by serving as a broker between those who need containers and those who need to get rid of them."

Under the standard website interface, setting up sale listings requires the seller to take pictures of its containers, log into the Container Exchanger site, and then upload them along with relevant information like descriptions and prices. The Container Exchanger App makes this easier by allowing people to use their cell phone camera to take the pictures. It also offers pre-filled forms for buying and selling, fast search capabilities, and the ability to make quick updates to ads. This combination of phone applications features, in addition to the freedom of making these changes anywhere with data service offers a huge leap forward in ease of use and functionality.

"One of the issues many of our customers face is the need to be able to access our site from remote locations in the warehouse or even multiple locations across their operations," Madden noted. "This new app eliminates the tether to the office and lets customers do everything from wherever they happen to be. Typically, they'll upload an ad right from wherever they took the picture. To Learn more about what Container Exchanger can do for you, just visit the Container Exchanger website."

Both new and used packaging is brokered by Container Exchanger, and both customers and sellers of containers packaging will appreciate and get value from the recently-released app. Sellers of containers often have large fields and warehouses where they store durable packaging like bins, so they need to be able to log on from these locations. For buyers, the app simplifies ordering by allowing it to be combined with normal inventory checks. When someone goes into a storage area and sees that the company is about to run out of something, he or she can quickly log on via the app to request more.

About Container Exchanger
Container Exchanger is a B-to-B broker of large boxes, bins, and other industrial containers. It serves both buyers and sellers in the manufacturing and distribution industries. The company's new app makes it easy for customers to conduct business without the need for a wired connection.