Contemporary Praise & Worship Group Announces Release of First Album


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2012 -- Atmosphere of Heaven, a contemporary praise and worship group that is getting the attention of gospel & contemporary Christian fans has announced their first release.

The self-titled release Vol. 1 was released July 17. Packed with new worship music, the CD is aimed at Christians of all ages, resonating with young adults and adults alike!

“This is a fresh sound in praise & worship; a sound from Heaven! Our music reminds Believers that they are created, called and uniquely gifted to reproduce the atmosphere of Heaven on earth!” said Jon Jones. “It's time for the world to see the true love of God through His People!”

The rocking sounds of new praise and worship music that are this release come straight from the heart of the band. The songs are packed with energy and a vibrant sense of who God is. This is music that is already appearing in churches across the nation.

AOH is a group of diverse worship leaders who have come together under God to show the world that His love covers everyone.

“We’re just ordinary people saved by Grace,” said Dee Wilson. “Our Maker has blessed us with talents to bring His word to the world. We’re fortunate to be able to do that through song because music touches everyone and Jesus wants to reach out to everyone.”

Individual songs can be purchased for 99¢ each from iTunes or the band’s website, which also samples each of the songs.

Find out what the buzz is about. Visit watch?v=1DLQEl2wrVY to listen to Great God, one of the songs on the new release.

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