"Content Creation Is the Antidote to Information Overload", Says Frompo.com

Curation is the human act of continuously distillating all available information on a topic into an editorialized narrative that helps audience to make sense of the Big Picture.


Aarhus, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- Most educators today struggle to harness the potential of technology and the Internet, which have only just begun to change the skills that students need to succeed. And thus was born Sweet Search, a custom search engine. This curated pool of Web sites allows students to choose, from a list of credible results, which ones are most relevant to their research, rather than spend much of their time deciding which sites are worth their consideration.

It is the art and science of finding, organizing, videos, images and sharing topic-specific information in a way that adds value for the audience. It is the beneficial SEO because it meets a need in the marketplace. Everyone is drowning in the deluge of content –customers, prospects, even competition.

About Frompo.Com
Frompo is a Denmark based company that has created a next generation curated program. It separates the brand from the pack – making people go-to resource for relevant information and insight to the topic.

Objective of Frompo is to spot and classify the most effective content for a given topic or class. Whereas most search engines usually get most of their traffic from the highest 10-20% of their indexes, Frompo performs very specific, to the purpose, and opt searches that support user desires. Thus, with Frompo, one gets the most effective search engines without any mess!

Frompo’s initiative in going an extra mile to help the environment alongside making search easier and organized for its users sounds promising in comparison to other search engines.

Frompo.com has all the answers to the above, for more details log onto the website: Frompo.com
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