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ContestGen - the Most Complete and Easy to Use Facebook Contest Builder

Easy To Use Application For Creating Facebook Contests And Sweepstakes! ContestGen helps you easily create powerful contests to grow your fans and amplify your marketing.


Sugar Hill, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2013 -- Creating a contest is one of the best ways used to increase likes and capture leads on social media especially facebook. With the current challenges in marketing of new products and services, an effective contest application will determine the end results. One will need a contest application that contains the most functionalities that will help users to create contests that will generate end results and offers flexibility in the way it is used. ContestGen is a new easy to use application that will be used to create facebook contests and sweepstakes. The application will assist in the creation of contests to grow ones fans and amplify their marketing. With the rising trends in online marketing and in the recent growth in social media sites, most people are found online and there is a lot of online buying which means an increase in the online community. The contest will be easy to use and will enable users to create contests of their own that will appear on their facebook fan pages.

Contest Gen application will many functionalities that will include a contest builder which will enable customization of all aspects of user’s facebook contest design. All that is required is knowledge of Microsoft word to create a contest with the contest builder application. The contest application will in addition have a like feature which will give each person that enters your contest an option of liking your page and earning points as the contest will be based on a points system. The share feature will also enable each person that enters your contest to “share” your page to earn points. This will be set to a higher point level than liking.

Contest Gen application will also have the join feature and a user leader board. The user leader board will be used by those who have joined the contest to keep track of the leader board to enable them see who is currently leading in the number of points earned. The Countdown feature will also be used to set countdown for the end of a contest. This will give fans better incentives to keep pushing the shares of the contest to move up in the leader board standings. The other important feature is the custom wall image which will determine what the contest image will show on the wall of those that will have entered, liked and shared the contest. This will be fully customizable and should represent the contest.

Multiple contests will enable running of as many contests as one wishes as long as they remain active members. The monthly fee will cover for unlimited number of contests on unlimited number of facebook fan pages.

The contests will be based on point systems where a user will receive a certain number of points for joining, liking and sharing the facebook fan page. The leaderboard will track everything that happens. In addition to this, a template preview will be used to preview the design and look of the facebook contest as it is being built. This will ensure that everything is built to your liking and you can therefore make changes on the fly.

Lastly, the contest application will have detailed reports that will enable viewing of all user data such as gender, age, interests, Country, city, names, facebook profiles and many more. This will be made possible within the administrator level.

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