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Continuity: Protecting Businesses Against Downtime with Business Continuity


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2016 -- Computer Resources America (CRA), an award-winning provider of IT solutions to small and medium businesses, government agencies, non-profits, and financial services firms, is excited to announce 'Continuity their BDR Solution' that was developed to help businesses maintain maximum uptime and ensuring business continuity.

Despite enhancements in their infrastructure, businesses still encounter downtime and company disaster. These can last a few minutes or a number of days, crippling the business and hindering their earnings

Recent report says; "98% of businesses do not backup all of their data, 40% of companies die within a year due to a failed Disaster Recovery (DR) plan, 70% of people are indifferent towards a planned backup and disaster recovery operations, and loads of people chose to do nothing despite knowing that they would not successfully recover from a disaster."

Downtime has been described as an evil that businesses should be shielded against. Every minute of downtime equates to a loss of potential profits. The good news; it can be avoided, managed, and controlled by having the correct solutions and procedures in place.

CRA developed Continuity, their Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution, to end this and save businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars that would have been lost due to business downtime.

A spokesperson of CRA – an experienced IT support NYC (New York City) said; "In order to maintain the maximum amount of uptime, a business needs to have a backup/disaster recovery plan that provides business continuity in the event of a disaster."

"Continuity, our BDR solution, allows you to spin up your infrastructure in one of our data centers within an hour. It also allows you to connect as if you were working from your own office from home, a hotel, or wherever is needed during a disaster."

About Computer Resources America (CRA)
"CRA is an IT consulting firm, dedicated to helping businesses identify IT solutions, as well as implementing, managing, and supporting the services best suited to their specific business needs.

Not sure if your business has the right BDR plan in place? Do you know how much downtime cost yours business? Give CRA a call today at 212-376-4040 or email us at to answer all your BDR related questions."

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