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ContourMed Releases New iPad-Based Scanning Technology


Little Rock, AR -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2017 -- Custom breast prosthesis manufacturer ContourMed has released a revolutionary new scanning platform called Symmetry Scan a proprietary software application for the iPad. The Symmetry Scan application will serve as both the scanning capture platform and the digital patient database for all clinic and retail providers. With Symmetry Scan, every post-mastectomy retailer, clinician, or mastectomy fitter (collectively "providers") across the country will be able to easily and economically capture a woman's unique anatomy to begin the process toward the fabrication of their custom breast form(s).

"When your mission is to give all women who have endured a mastectomy at least the choice of a custom breast form designed specifically for their post-surgical self, then new technology that allows that choice to be acted upon easily by our providers, on behalf of their patient, is very exciting," said Barry Corkern, Chief Executive Officer. "Many times, women only perceive two choices - reconstruction surgery, which has its risks, or a cheap generic breast prosthetic that doesn't really fit their surgical site. Custom is a wonderful option" says Corkern.

Symmetry Scan replaces ContourMed's previous CAD/CAM scanning technology, which at the time was revolutionary to the industry. ContourMed holds a process patent on the capture and fabrication process for custom breast forms. The Symmetry Scan platform represents another technology advance, allowing broader distribution so more patients have more choices in their post-mastectomy options. ContourMed providers can have a new iPad, 3D scanner attachment, and Symmetry Scan app, along with a light weight travel case for a small security deposit that is fully credited back to the provider as forms are ordered. The Symmetry Scan app alone can also be installed on compatible iPads already in use by the retailer or clinic at no charge.

"In developing Symmetry Scan, our number-one goal was ease of use and we accomplished that," said Bryan Holloway, Facility Director. The software walks ContourMed providers step by step through the scanning process, allowing the patient and fitter to quickly and easily build a personalized form that is custom to their unique needs. The entire process takes less than 20 minutes.

"The capture results are fantastic at providing ContourMed with a digital specification within one millimeter of the tolerance allowed. All of the paperwork, all of the form specifications and all of the order information is created dynamically within the software app and transmitted securely to ContourMed's fabrication headquarters in Little Rock, Ark.," said Holloway.

The ContourMed support team receives an instant alert when a provider successfully completes a scan and places a new order through Symmetry Scan. The provider is simultaneously updated that the scan has been sent and received. During every phase of the production process, the provider is notified of changes in the status so that they can track the progress and communicate to their patient. At any time, a ContourMed provider can also check and review all of their patient orders and send messages directly to ContourMed, through the Symmetry Scan platform to make any adjustments.

The Symmetry Scan interface is entirely digital, HIPPA compliant and uses secure database backups. Retailers and clinicians interested in using Symmetry Scan to provide ContourMed's custom breast forms can contact ContourMed directly to discuss provider options.

About ContourMed
ContourMed is the United States' premier custom breast form manufacturer. Harnessing state-of-the-art scanning technology and patented manufacturing processes, ContourMed creates the most comfortable, realistic custom breast forms available in the industry.

If you would like to become a ContourMed provider, please visit or call 877-380-8528 for more information.

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