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Contractor Tax Calculator Is an All-in-One Application for UK Contractors


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- An all-in-one application that provides complete tax solutions to UK contractors and is purposed designed specifically for them. The free tax calculator offers a unique and comprehensive view of tax and earnings. If you want a trusted and reliable contractor tax calculator look no further.

This contractor calculator offers all-in-one functionalities like corporation tax calculation, VAT calculation, information about income tax, national insurance, student loans, dividends and also everything like expenses, mileage and pensions, etc. amongst others. It goes further than just showing how much tax one can save. One can also compare calculations and instantly download a comprehensive PDF tax report based on these calculations.

A representative from the organization stated, “If you’re a contractor running your own limited company you’ll already know that being smart with your tax payments is a great way of saving money, but it can be daunting trying to understand how best to do so. Contractor calculators are designed to help you to ensure that you’re saving as much tax as possible with a minimum of hassle or confusion.”

This application is approved by InniAccounts, a leading supplier of contractor accountancy services and is one hundred percent accurate. This contractor tax calculator offers a complete view of your tax position in an online tool. Once your financial information has been inputted, the application performs a number of calculations and allows you to be in the perfect position to take control of your accounting and make big tax savings.

This application is an innovative online service which allows users to manage their business finances. Users can log in securely to track times and expenses, they can also raise invoices and pay themselves dividends and salaries. This tool allows taxes to be tracked and calculated in real-time. Every time a user creates an invoice or makes a payment the tax is re-calculated, instantly. Furthermore, this ingenious software even safeguards the user against accidental overspending.

About Contractor Tax Calculator
Contractor calculator is a unique application due to its versatility. It is a powerful and all-in-one tool that gives all the information one needs in seconds. It does more than simply allow users to check out how much tax can be saved. With this tool one can also download comprehensive reports, test and different tax scenarios. Above all, it also is the best wage tax calculator. It has many unique features which makes it even more straightforward to cut the tax bill safely. This tool performs all claim expenses, pay mileage, leverage assets, and invest in a pension, amongst others.

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