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Contractors, Plumbers & Excavators Seek the No-Dig Pipelining Support at Trenchless Solutions Inc.


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2016 -- Contractors, plumbers and excavators are urged to explore the trenchless equipment rentals currently available through Trenchless Solutions Inc., which is located in Bristol, PA. The company's equipment rental options consist of trailers stocked with an inversion tank, automatic variable speed roller table, quiet generator, air compressor, inverter, portable hot water boiler unit, and a deep freezer intended for resin storage throughout the warmer months.

Trenchless Solutions Inc. also has an inventory of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lateral lining materials for sale, which include a multitude of versatile coatings with different thicknesses that are designed to cure leaking seals, pinholes, gaps between pipes, and perforations. Individuals may also look into the selection of CIPP resin products that are available, which each have different curing times.

The company offers a selection of corrosion resistant, point repair fiberglass products, as well, which may be used to repair a damaged pipe and reinforce its structural integrity. Trenchless Solutions Inc.'s point repair fiberglass products will work to provide a long lasting, dependable cure that is capable of completely eliminating the possibility of water infiltration and exfiltration.

Impressively, the no-dig pipeline repair experts encourage motivated contractors, plumbers and excavators to "Learn while you earn," by requesting the supplies, materials, equipment and manpower provided by Trenchless Solutions Inc. The company offers live, on-site training for projects involving lateral liners, main liners and point repairs anywhere in the USA.

Interested companies may also arrange shop demonstrations with Trenchless Solutions Inc.'s no-dig pipeline repair experts at their training and warehouse facility, which is located in Bristol, PA. With more than thirty years of experience with using no-dig pipeline curing techniques, the experts are driven to pass along their CIPP skills to contractors, plumbers and excavators that are looking to gain a competitive edge in the growing industry.

Call 1-855-LINE-TSI or visit Trenchless Solutions Inc.'s website today to find out more information regarding the company's available products, rental equipment, on-site training services and shop demonstrations.

About Trenchless Solutions Inc.
For nearly thirty years, the trenchless pipeline rehabilitation experts at Trenchless Solutions Inc. have been using cutting-edge equipment to repair damaged pipelines. Now, they are determined to pass along their cutting-edge knowledge and expertise of their equipment and the installation process. A wide variety of lateral lining materials, main-lining materials and point repair materials are available, as well as equipment and trailer rentals. Trenchless Solutions Inc. provides shop demonstrations and on-site training for companies that are determined to learn more about implementing noninvasive methods of pipeline rehabilitation.

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