Paladin-Family Advocacy for Alzheimer’s Disease

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A group of writers have created a resource package aimed at helping family members of individuals with Alzheimer disease


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 -- Thousands of people from all over the country face the challenges of Alzheimer disease. Apart from the patient, family members have to walk through thorns as they might not be aware of and prepared for the dreadful mental trauma that arises with this condition. Helping and giving appropriate care to their loved ones without proper knowledge and resources is impossible.

The Alzheimer association and other communities usually lend a helping hand to the patients. A group of reputable authors have come up with a campaign aimed at supporting the families of Alzheimer’s patients by providing information packets named Paladin. This campaign needs sufficient funds to attain the desired goal, and noble hearts across the globe are requested to contribute generously for this cause through

The Paladin-A Family Advocacy Packet comprises all information, which assists people in getting access to Advance Directive Data or State Specific Living Wills. In addition, Paladin also consists of hard copy packages of contact information, which are provided exclusively for those who do not have Internet Knowledge. This resource offers interactive tools for patient families and other clients.

Any kind of treatment or medicine will not lead to Alzheimer prevention; therefore learning to live with the conditions of Alzheimer disease is the only way available for patients and their loved ones. The group of authors leading the campaign is said to have been heavily impacted by the desolation caused by this disease. As a result, they have come up with their respective books along with unique experiences for offering resources and support to those who are desperately awaiting help.

The website says, “We are working together to provide information about organizations and resources to families coping with the challenges of a loved one’s Alzheimer’s Disease; one of our goals is to make this package available nationwide.”

Different types of perks are listed on the website for contributors. It includes $1 USD-It’s not about the PERK, $5 USD-Every donation helps, $20 USD-Christmas Twice A Year, $25 USD-Dad’s Eagle Tree, $50 USD-Donor’s Choice, $500 USD-Dinner or Skype, $1,000 USD-Dedicated Giver and $10,000 USD-Complete Packet. Contributors or supporters can select a package or perk based on their capabilities.

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About Paladin-Family Advocacy for Alzheimer’s Disease
The campaign Paladin-Family Advocacy for Alzheimer’s Disease was started by Lynda Converse and Judy Hanson. The aim of this campaign is to educate the families of Alzheimer’s patients with useful information and interactive tools.

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