Controversial Artist Michael Onona Sparkles in New Outlet of Creativity Through Blog Writing

Through, Michael Onona shares his life adventures from the entertaining and unique perspective of an artist.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- Everyone has different perspectives in life. While some live eyes wide shut and see things from the cookie cutter viewpoint that has been fed to them their whole lives, many others take off on their own far out perceptions, seeing the world in a wholly different light. When viewing life through the eyes of an artist, life takes on quite an interesting twist, the ordinary then becomes extraordinary, and the tame becomes a wild hairy beast. At, one can lavish in the intriguing and sometimes hysterical musings of artist Michael Onona. is not some humdrum retake of life events. Littered with Onona’s interesting artwork, presents his blog in a highly entertaining manner that easily draws one in wishing to see more. Certainly not lacking in creativity, Onona portrays life events in the exhilarating and often twisted viewpoint of an artist.

At, one can enjoy adventures of travels to Israel and Poland or get embroiled in the dramas that take place in the misadventures of an artist at their friend’s dinner party. Not only that, one can also get a glimpse into the artist’s lifestyle and thought processes that often lead to the most profound of realizations.

For anyone needing a mini-vacation from a vacuous and materially focused life or if one just needs a breath of slightly polluted air without ever stepping foot outside of their front door, comes highly recommended and will bring a hefty dose of non-mainstream relief. Far superior to popping a happy pill to break free from life’s monotony, far safer too, the ruminations of Michael Onona are sure to bring a smile and sometimes giggle to even the most depressed among us.

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