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Controversial Book Gives Guys Advice on How to Have Affairs with Married Women


Washington, D.C. -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2013 -- How To Sleep With His Wife: A Guy’s Manual to Having Affairs With Married Women is a sex & dating ebook for single or married men interested in having a one night fling, a casual sexual encounter or an intense love affair with a married woman. Written by Romello Mack, a selfproclaimed badboy and womanizer, How To Sleep With His Wife gives men indepth strategies on how to seduce married women .

Mack, who claims he’s had dozens of affairs with married women , wrote the guide after one of his friends had an affair with a married lady but failed to take his advice. The affair didn’t end so well. “My friend was a real player but he didn’t have much experience dealing with married women”, Mack says. “He got involved with this affluent older married woman and things got out of control. He didn’t listen to my advice and when all was said and done, he ended up on the local evening news! And I’m just going to leave it at that.”

After watching his friend’s life turn upside down over what started out as just a casual sexual encounter but turned into a nightmare, Mack wanted to help other guys avoid mistakes; from the minor hiccups to the potentially dangerous disasters like the one his friend went through. So, he put together the sex & dating guide which is based on his 20years of experience bedding married women as well as the guidance he’s received from “oldschool” players (and even a few reallife pimps) who have serve as mentors throughout his playboy career.

How To Sleep With His Wife is a complete blueprint on how to have an affair , broken down into 6 chapters. In the ebook you’ll learn all there is to know about meeting and seducing married women; attraction techniques, seduction tactics through conversations, places to carry on hot and steamy affairs, the best approaches for different types of married women, the unique “skills” needed to “put it down” and satisfy married women in the bedroom and arguably, most importantly, how to get out of an affair it’s all in the fully packed, nofluff guide.

Not surprisingly, the sex & dating guide has generated some controversy on the web and author Romello Mack has received criticism for penning a book that seems to endorse pursuing other men’s wives and the act of adultery. Mack is unfazed: “This book is definitely not for every guy. I don’t recommend you read my book or even consider pursuing another man’s wife unless you’re willing to deal with the risks and face the possible consequences involved with having an affair. Still, women cheat on their husbands. Period. So, if you’re going to be that guy who is fooling around with another man’s wife you should make sure that you have the knowledge and tools to do it without getting caught. And How To Sleep With His Wife is the only guide you’ll ever need.

How To Sleep With His Wife: A Guy’s Manual to Having Affairs With Married Women is an ebook available for secure & discreet purchase online at:

About the Author: Romello Mack
Romello Mack is an Internet entrepreneur with over 20 years of experiences getting in (and out) of affairs with married women. Where does he live? Hopefully not next door to you and your wife.

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