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Controversial "China Sucks" Documents Human Rights Abuses


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/18/2012 -- China’s human rights record has come into the limelight as the emerging economic powerhouse seeks to make a growing impression on the world stage. Despite the apparent success of the Olympics and buying up most of America’s debt, its apparent good political standing is often not matched by the opinion of ordinary people.

China Sucks is a controversially titled blog covering matters pertaining to human rights in China and the Chinese government’s activities, aiming to draw attention to their failures to abide by the Geneva Convention and other international recognized statutes and sanctions.

The site was created for people who hear about China’s human rights record but are perhaps unfamiliar with the details and extent of the abuses. It features editorialized informational content designed to paint a portrait of the country’s ills in accessible, plain English.

The home page begins with a summary of the major conflicts and clashes, detailing issues surrounding freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, lack of judicial independence and the controversial family planning measures which have allegedly led to high rates of infant mortality in ‘unwanted’ children.

The sidebar features a “China Watch” feed, listing the latest news and press coverage on human rights battles happening in China, as well as political moves including financial and trade agreements with the country in spite of its human rights record.

It also links to several factual guides to the major issues faced by Chinese citizenry, including forced abortion, organ trading and the uneven distribution of wealth. It also goes into detail about the nature of China’s economic growth and aggressive foreign policies.

Usually the posts feature a call to action with resources and links as to how readers can take action to support the fight for better human rights in China.

The chief writer for the site gave this statement, “ has been a project of mine for awhile now. The site is here to help inform people of the human rights abuses the Chinese Government brings onto its people. This is not a hate site or a racist site, we are big proponents and fans of equality and find it quite difficult to stomach how China’s government persecutes its own citizens.”

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