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Controversial New Book Exposes "Toxic" Ideas About Women and Sex Behind Popular "Seduction Guides"


Toronto, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2013 -- “Badass B***S***: Helping Young Men Identify and Reject Toxic Ideas About Dating, Relationships, Women and Sex”, a controversial new book by Alan Stransman attacks popular seduction guides such as “The Tao of Badass” for promoting “toxic” ideas about women and sex, in general, and, more specifically, for promulgating fantasies of raping and controlling women.

Alan Stransman is the author of several books, including two memoirs, one of which, entitled, “So, Why Have You Never Been Married?: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Lunacy”, chronicles his adventures and misadventures in the world of dating and relationships over a period of several decades. His new book, published in digital format and available in the Amazon Kindle bookstore, as well as the website, takes a critical look at the ideas and attitudes towards dating, relationships, women and sex that underpin popular, so-called “seduction guides”, such as The Tao of Badass.

“If you look at the way that products like The Tao of Badass are promoted, “ explains Stransman, “ and the kinds of language and images that are used to appeal to young men, you can see that the underlying fantasy is one of tricking, duping or deceiving women into providing sexual gratification against their will. The entire culture of seduction seems to be predicated on the idea of disarming women’s natural defense mechanism so that they do things that they would not ordinarily do if they were not under some sort of “spell”. Forcing, duping, tricking or deceiving women into having sex with you against their will is a form of “rape” in my view, so these “seduction guides” are anything but harmless.”

“Badass B***S***: Helping Young Men Identify and Reject Toxic Ideas About Dating, Relationships, Women and Sex” critically examines the ideas and attitudes expressed in the promotional video for The Tao of Badass seduction guide, which was created by Josh Pellicer, and which appears on the official website for the product,, a website which receives a staggering 27,000 exact match searches every month in Google.

“I first became aware of The Tao of Badass product,” says Stransman, when I received an email from an internet marketer promoting a package of research aimed at helping other internet marketers enter the very popular and lucrative “dating niche” online. The email specifically referenced the Tao of Badass as a product that internet marketers might want to promote as it is one of the most popular product in all of Clickbank, a digital product marketplace. I went to the official website for the product and watched the promotional video for it, a video which is 47 minutes long, and, quite frankly, was shocked and appalled not only by the absurdity of the claims that were being made for the product, but by the underlying theme of controlling women and turning them into defenseless sexual objects. Products like The Tao of Badass, in my view, prey upon young men by appealing to their secret fantasy of being able to rape every attractive woman they see, a fantasy which, unfortunately, some men act out in reality.”

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